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Diablo Item Guide: Rare And Unique Weapons In The Original Diablo Game – Axes

by: Brian Healy ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Characters in Diablo have a wide array of rare and unique weapons from which to choose from when it comes to arming your character – once you find them, of course! One such weapon is the Axe.

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    Your character in Diablo is fully kitted out with the best armor money can buy or can be found, but you still need weapons with which to smite Diablo's minions. Unlike rare and unique armor items, weapons are all randomly found and none are given as a reward for completing a quest with the exception of the Butcher's Cleaver.

    Across the five weapons groups there are 56 rare and unique weapons. In the group comprising of Axes there are 10 weapons. All axes in Diablo require the use of two hands, so they cannot be used in conjunction with shields.

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    Rare and Unique Axes

    Aguinara's Hatchet (Small Axe) - Costs 24,800

    Gives the wielder +10 Magic; +75% Resist magic; +1 Spell level

    Qualifying level to use: 12

    Bloodslayer (Broad Axe) - Costs 2,500

    Gives the wielder -5 all attributes; +100% Damage; +200% Damage versus demons; -1 Spell level

    Qualifying level to use: 3

    The Butcher's Cleaver (Unique Quest Item) - Costs 3,650

    Gives the wielder +10 Strength; Unusual damage (4-24); Altered durability (10)

    Qualifying level to use: n/a

    The Celestial Axe (Battle Axe) - Costs 14,100

    Gives the wielder -15 Strength; +15 Life; +15% to hit; no strength requirements

    Qualifying level to use: 4

    Hellslayer (Battle Axe) - Costs 26,200

    Gives the wielder +8 Strength; +8 Vitality; +25 Life; -25 Mana; +100% Damage

    Qualifying level to use: 15

    The Mangler (Large Axe) – Costs 2,850

    Gives the wielder -5 Magic; -5 Dexterity; -10 Mana; +200% Damage

    Qualifying level to use: 2

    Messerschmidt's Reaver (Great Axe) – Costs 58,000

    Gives the wielder +5 All attributes; -50 Life; +15 Damage; +200% Damage; 2-12 Fire damage

    Qualifying level to wield: 25

    Sharp Beak (Large Axe) – Costs 2,850

    Gives the wielder -10 Magic; +20 Life; -10 Mana

    Qualifying level to use: 2

    Stonecleaver (Broad Axe) - Costs 23,900

    Gives the wielder +30 Life; +20% To hit; +50% Damage; +40% Resist lightning

    Qualifying level to use: 7

    Wicked Axe (Large Axe) – Costs 31,150

    Gives the wielder +10 Dexterity; -10 Vitality; +30% To hit; -1 to -6 Damage from enemies; Indestructible

    Qualifying level to use: 5

    Axes are best used against armored opponents, but they are relatively slow to swing. In the next part of this guide, we'll look at Bows.