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A Brief Introduction to the World of Diablo

Set in the fictional world of Sanctuary, where an endless battle between heaven and hell takes place is set the universe of Diablo. A game with a Christian imagery where a conflict between angels, demons and third breed called the Nephalem takes places. The three races are in a struggle of power.

An angel named Inarius fell in love with Lilith a demon and the daughter of a devil called Mephisto. During their time together, Inarius created a secret world named Sanctuary and a stone named the Worldstone, which Inarious bounded to himself to protect his creation from the battle between the two forces. But Lilith, a victim of her desires wanted to be the ruler of Sanctuary but by to achieve her goals she had to obtain the Worldstone first, after Inarius learned the plan of his supposed lover, he banished her and in doing so started the events of Diablo.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

According to what I saw in the preview, the gameplay is a 5 of 5, a perfect score in every sense; but in terms of originality it doesn’t offer anything new, as it is similar to both of the predecessors in this series.

The story of Diablo 3 is set 20 years after Diablo 2, after the unnamed heroes of Diablo 2 saved the world. But the price was that the heroes who survived the battle lost their sanity due the fight between the Burning Hell’s armies, and it is up to a new generation of heroes to protect the sanctity of Sanctuary. There is no more information about the story of the game beyond the basic premise.

The graphics and sounds both are a five, they really interesting so far. You feel the action through the music, and the graphics are improved from the previous installations. The playability is still not known because the game hasn’t been release to the public yet and only a few people played the game during the convention in France last year, but according to some reports there aren’t any major changes to the control system and the players won’t feel any major changes at all.

As I said, the gameplay so far is completely perfect as a game of this type can get, and the fans of the Diablo franchise can only hope that final product dosen’t diverge at all from the demo, as we have seen many games that had a perfect demo but not a good Gold development. So, since there is no game yet to play to review, and we can only go off of the demo for now, this game is getting a 5 out of 5.

Overall and Expectations (4 out of 5)

Overall, Diablo 3 looks really good, but around the Internet there aren’t too many pieces of information about how Diablo 3 will be upon it’s release. The graphics and sounds are amazing and the playability is great as well, but a simple demo can’t say really how game is going to be; we can predict, but at the end some changes can be made to game, and what we saw in the demo probably is not going to be in the final product.

But we know that Blizzard Entertainment won’t disappoint their fans by making something mediocre, so we can bet that Diablo 3 will be an amazing game that will expand further the imagery of Diablo.

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