Diablo 2: Overview of Diablo 2 Patch Notes – 1.11, 1.11b, 1.12

Patch 1.12

Patch 1.12 removed the requirement for those that had the "full installation" of Diablo 2 to have the CD to run. It also fixed a bug where there was an incompatibility between OpenGL mode on the Intel Mac and Rosetta.

Patch 1.11b

Patch 1.11b fixed two bugs to where you can cause a crash with the runeword "Peace" when equipped on a hireling, and one where you could crash upon returning to chat after playing a Battle.net game.

Patch 1.11

Patch 1.11 added 10 new runewords and new unique items that drop from special bosses. There are new "challenges and tests" i.e. The Pandemonium Event.

Hirelings are now within 1-5 levels of the character level and the rate of their gain of experience has increased to where they stay within a closer range of the player.

It fixes bugs to where skills received from runewords created while the item is in game will not disconnect you from battle.net, where barbarians will no longer be stuck using whirlwind after inferno from the unique item Balrog Blade Flamebellow.

Game will not crash now when you select a skill granted by a weapon at the same time as switching weapons with the "W" key.

Creating a town portal where things are filling the area where the town portal will be will now not crash game.

Polish, Spanish, and German users will not crash game when the mouse cursor moves over an item that grants an aura while equipped.

Dying and a trade request while changing your key config will no longer get you stuck.

All seals in Diablo’s lair will now activate again.

Character expiration messages have been updated.

Transmuting an ethereal item now retains ethereal stat bonuses.

Uber Diablo won’t die now when Shenk the Overseer or Blood Raven die nearby.

Creation of characters with more than one dash or underscores is no longer allowed.


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