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Darwinia Walkthrough Part 3: The Yard

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It is time to start really taking the fight to the virus. To do that, you'll need to build Battle Cannons. The only way to do this is to take back the construction yard from the virus!

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    Entering the Yard

    Darwinia Walkthrough It is time to secure the Yard and start producing those battle cannons! We have three objectives here. The first is to secure the Generator trunk portal, the second is to secure the construction yard, and the third is to secure the trunk portals which lead deeper into Darwinia.

    You start the level with a heavy infestation of viruses, Spore Pods, Spiders and Centipedes. This is a tough fight. You goal is to take the incubator, and you should preferably do this while you have engineers in tow so you can immediately begin to convert souls into Darwinians. This will be a big help in the fight if you've researched weapons upgrades for your Darwinians and it will make sure you have plenty of Darwinians for later. Once all enemies are dead, use engineers to take the radar dish on the far side of the island as well. Point the radar dish at the dish on the island with the Generator trunk portal and send a squad over.

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    Taking the Yard

    We have another pretty big fight on our hands here. There is no incubator on this island, however, so just go hog-wild and kill everything. Then use an engineer to take the Generator trunk portal. Easy enough.

    Now adjust the aim on the Generator trunk portal's radar dish and send your squad over to the main island. Our goal here is to take the construction yard. In our way we have lots of viruses, some Centipedes, some Spiders and some Spore Pods. You've already done this a few times by now, and the tactics remain the same. Just shoot the viruses and grenade the tougher baddies. Push towards the two incubators in the center and use your engineers aggressively to reprogram them and begin making new Darwinians. If you want, you can also use the sizable force of Darwinians from the first island in this assault provided you have upgraded them with at least lasers. They are very effective and will make the assault much easier.

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    Producing Armour

    Darwinia Guide Once you have the incubators secure, produce Darwinians as quick as you can and send them to the construction yard. The Darwinians will automatically start working, and the yard will begin to produce Armour. It will take a minute or two for the first unit to come off the line, but don't worry, it is working.

    Once the Armour begins production, load one up with Darwinians by pressing Y until the arrow icons around the Armour unit are pressing inwards and Darwinians begin to board. Press X to move the Armour to the mouth of the canyon where the Ants, a new opponent, are located, then select the move icon you placed on the map and press Y to select the Battle Cannon deployment mode. The Battle Cannon will deploy and begin to shoot at the Ants.

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    Dealing with the Ants

    Darwinia Ants Ants work as a coordinated unit, and act as a sort of enemy AI opponent against you. They live in the Ant Hills in the canyon, and they can create new ants by dragging souls to the Ant Hills. They can also drag off Darwinians if you let the Ants get too close - so don't let them get too close. The Battle Cannon will keep the Ants at bay, but it won't destroy them, so you need to head in with a squad and go after the Ant Hills.

    The Armour unit at the mouth of the canyon will begin to clear out the Ants. Go in with your squad and fight of the Ants just inside the canyon. This will be a tough fight and you'll need to make extensive use of grenades in order to keep the Ants at bay. Build another Armour unit it and send it over to this area just inside the canyon to set up another Battle Cannon to keep pressure on the Ants. At this point you'll have enough firepower to go after the first two Ant Hills on the left. You will have to be somewhat careful, because the Ants can be very destructive to a squad, but your Battle Cannons should be putting down enough firepower to keep the Ants back. Hit the two closest Ant Hills with airstrikes to destroy them quickly.

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    Finishing the Ants Off

    Darwinia Game Guide Now build three more Armour units. Send them to the middle of the canyon (using your squad to clear the way) and and set them up in a sort of triangle pattern as Battle Cannons. This is a lot of firepower, but you need it because at this point all of the Ant Hills are sending all of their Ants directly at you. With the Ants occupied by your three Battle Cannons you will now have a chance to go in and destroy the Ant Hills with a Squad. Use airstrikes again to swoop in and kill the Ant Hills swiftly.

    With the Ants finally cleared out, you can send in your Engineers to take all of the trunk portals. Congratulations! You now own the Yard.
    Because you own the Yard you will now be able to order Armour units in every level of the game. However, when ordering them you must keep in mind they can only be placed by a trunk portal. You cannot place them by structure you have taken over as you can with Squads and Engineers.