Darwinia Game Guide: A Guide to Enemies

Darwinia Game Guide: A Guide to Enemies
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Fighting for Darwinians - Darwinia Game Guide to Enemies

Darwinia needs your help. It has been taken over by all kinds of computer viruses, including some viruses which are just…kinda weird. Weird enough that it isn’t always obvious what you need to do to get rid of them.

This guide to the enemies in Darwinia includes every virus type in the game. If you’ve come across a virus which you’re just not sure how to vanquish this guide will help you form a strategy to slay it and return order to the world of Darwinia.


The most basic enemy in Darwinia, these are the corrupted souls of Darwinians. Represented by red arrows which move in seemingly random patterns, Virii only attack when a target comes within close proximity. Once a target has been found, however, Virii are relentless, if a bit daft. They’re generally head straight towards the target, which makes them easy to attack. Squads and upgraded Darwinians can handle a few Virii on their own. Virii, however, tend to appear in large numbers. Dealing with a group is best accomplished with grenades or air strikes.


A large red creature consisting of multiple segments, Centipedes and quick and agile but not overly dangerous. Dealing with a single Centipede is usually a matter of simply sticking a squad nearby and firing at it until it is dead. This can take quiet awhile as Centipedes are tough and quick and segment into small pieces when attacked, but they generally won’t have a chance to attack when engaged one-on-one.

They become more dangerous in groups, however, as the Centipede which is not targeted can swoop in for an attack with alarming speed. If you encounter two or more Centipedes it is usually best to keep your distance and kite them if possible. Also, don’t forget to use grenades. Air strikes can be used, but the random movement patterns of Centipedes makes them hard to hit.


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A common and threatening enemy, the spider is probably the first enemy you’ll encounter in Darwinia that gives you real trouble. Spiders attack by pouncing on their target in a swift maneuver. They can easily take out several members of a squad in one pounce. To make matters worse, they are completely invulnerable to lasers.

Grenades and Air Strikes become the name of the game when fighting Spiders. While Spiders pounce quickly, there is a long period of time between attacks in which the Spider is slow and easy to hit. The trick is to get a sense of the timing of a Spider’s attacks. The Spider’s pounce usually won’t hit a squad which is moving directly across its line of attack. Once the Spider has pounced, turn around and fire a few grenades to kill it.

Spore Generator

The Spore Generator is a big flying monster which looks very intimidating at first glance. Thankfully, it actually has no means of attack. However, that doesn’t stop it form being a huge pain.

Rather than attacking, the Spore Generator creates more viruses by laying eggs. These eggs, when they come into contact with dead souls, create Virii. A single Spore Generator can completely repopulate an area of the map with Virii if you don’t kill it, which is annoying to say the least.

Spore Generators are invulnerable to laser fire and usually float out of harm’s way. However, they have to drop to the ground to lay their eggs. Once you see the Spore Generator do this, hit it with grenades! It will take three to kill it on normal difficulity.

Triffids - Enemy Virus Guide for Darwinia

These strange flower-like creatures make life harder on you by lobbing big red eggs. The eggs are harmless at first, but they can hatch into Virii or even into Spiders. They sometimes seem to hatch into nothing, as well.

Triffids can really make life difficult. A few of them can completely repopulate an area with enemies, including numerous Spiders. If you see some Triffids it is best to make an immediate plan to attack them. They are invulnerable to laser fire, but they can’t move, so taking them out with anything explosive is easy.


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Ants really up the ante. Unlike the previous enemies, Ants essentially operate as a hostile AI team which is facing off against you in Darwinia’s levels. They are based in Anthills and they will create new Ants by collecting dead souls just as you would collect them to create Darwinians. Ants will use strategy to make concentrated attacks against you and will attempt to swarm your squads and engineers in combat.

Fighting Ants with a squad usually requires grenades, rockets and other explosive attacks. Ants are not invulnerable to lasers, but they tend to attack in such large numbers that lasers are not effective. Squads will often have to use a fighting retreat to properly combat large swarms. Darwinians, oddly enough, can hold their own against Ants as long as they’ve been upgraded with lasers. However, if the Ants manage to get a hold of a Darwinian they will take him back to their Anthill and turn him into an Ant!

Anthills themselves are invulnerable to lasers, but like Triffids they are immobile and will die quite easily to anything explosive.

Soul Destroyers

These are Centipedes on steroids. They are invulnerable to lasers and are a low-flying unit, which means they can travel over water. They are extremely quick and agile and can swoop in for an attack on a squad before you know what hit you.

Soul Destroyers must be attacked with grenades, rockets or air strikes. As with Centipedes, using air strikes is difficult due to the speed of Soul Destroyers. Rockets are usually the best bet, as they are fast enough to hit a Soul Destroyer reliably. Ultimately, though, the great speed of the Soul Destroyer is simply something you’ll have to get the hang of. They are very tough to hit, and you may use a squad or two before you get the hang of it.

Also, Soul Destroyers earned their name because souls they consume are actually destroyed completely. Don’t let these anywhere near your Darwinians because Darwinians killed won’t be able to be reborn!

Red Darwinians

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These Darwinians are, well, Darwinians, but they’re not on your team. They’re out to get you and they’re armed with lasers and grenades to do it.

By themselves, these Darwinians are not very tough. But like the Ants it is rare to encounter a Red Darwinian by itself. They fight in large groups and they will actively launch attacks against your positions. Squads can deal with them very well by using grenades and air strikes. Your own Darwinians can fight them, but these battles can result in heavy causalities and are best avoided whenever possible.