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    • A Guide to Darwinia: Common Virus Types
      Darwina has been overwhelmed by a computer virus. The virus manifests itself in many forms. Your mission is to restore order, but to do that you'll have to decide how to deal with a multiple of different foes using different strategies. This guide will help you get started.
    • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 2: Mine and Generator
      Now that you've made a beach-head against the virus in Containment, it is time to start securing the resources to build your own weapons platforms for combating the virus in other areas of Darwinia. This walkthrough covers the Mine and Generator levels.
    • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 4: The Receiver
      The Receiver is a sacred area to all Darwinians. It is where the souls of the dead come back to Darwinia for a second chance at life. The virus has infected it, and is corrupting all of the souls in Darwinian. This guide will help you defeat the virus and reclaim this holy site.
    • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 3: The Yard
      It is time to start really taking the fight to the virus. To do that, you'll need to build Battle Cannons. The only way to do this is to take back the construction yard from the virus!
    • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 1: Garden and Containment
      Your adventure in Darwinia begins. This first section of the Darwinia walkthrough covers Garden and Containment, the first two levels of the game.