PC Gamers Crysis Warhead Review

PC Gamers Crysis Warhead Review
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The Fun Parts (5 out of 5)


Crysis Warhead has game play and action that’s even more focused and intense than you experienced when playing Crysis.

The visual presentation is even better than you experienced with Crysis, with textures and details that immerse you in a world gone crazy even further than before.

The AI has been improved significantly, now fighting humans or the aliens is engaging, challenging, and entertaining.

Crytek heard your cries for a better multiplayer experience; they have added a Deathmatch and other enjoyable modes for you to try.

You don’t need a super powered computer to play this game; you can get a pretty good experience just with a middle of the road computer.

The Bad Parts (5 out of 5)

The story line of this game can be a little linear at times, a little more variety in the side stories to the main plot would definitely make this shooter a little more of a complete experience.

The AI still has a few quirks to be worked out, but they did improve the decision making ability of the computer generated opponents, and the game is more challenging because of this.

The Graphical Story (4 out of 5)

Crysis amazing visuals

Crysis Warhead has better graphical presentation than Crysis, with lusher and more vibrant vegetation that sways nicely in the warm breeze blowing through, and surging water with light effects that sparkle in the eye. The improved art design is amazing to view, with several stunning vistas, like an icy naval vessel frozen on forgotten tundra.

This game ran wonderfully on my Paladin Gamer F875 and with a few minor graphical problems with my middle of the road PC. The visual presentation was still pretty good on my secondary PC, the facial animations of the main character showed nice emotions at various times that got me involved in the story, nothing like LA Noire, though.

Sounds in the Game (5 out of 5)

Crysis suit posing

The audible quality of this game is also better than Crysis, with sharp, clear and distinct creaks that stop you in your tracks, and groans that have you ducking down and checking out the surroundings. The weapons all sound appropriately powerful, with explosive detonations that rock the environment, and a quieter sniper rifle that your opposition won’t hear.

The understated sound track is wonderful; it sits in the background, adding to the immersive effect of the game, and setting the pace and tone of game play nicely.

The voice acting is extremely strong, with vibrant voices that have strong emotional content, and can be easily heard above the other noises.

The Story Line (4 out of 5)

Using a little stealth

Gamers who haven’t played Crysis will probably be confused after the first few minutes of Crysis Warhead, since the story line will initially confuse you. You’re Sergeant Psycho Sykes in this game, a brash and outspoken character from the first game, who likes to do things by his own rules. Psycho will often ignore orders and take care of a situation himself, rather than waiting around. The story included runs parallel to the story line of Crysis, and you’ll see many points that will tie in with Crysis. The real story of this game is Psycho’s attitude which is displayed beautifully in a dramatic cut scene that spins the tale wonderfully, but the plot is essentially the same as with Crysis. The story line of this shooter has been well written and adds to the game play by immersing you in the characters and reality of Crysis Warhead.

Playability (5 out of 5)

A look out onto the horizon

Crysis Warhead is even more playable than Crysis and the game play has been improved in many areas that make this game a pleasure to play. The vehicles are more fun to drive and include firefights that are more intense and focused than the first game. The environments aren’t open, but you can still approach combat situations from a number of different angles, so a feeling of freedom of movement and action is still created.

This game was designed for the head-on combat with guns blazing, the design of the levels, dialogue of the characters, mission objectives, and the environments definite try to tempt you into a straight forward approach to combat. The opponents you face are tougher to defeat, requiring you to use your skills, abilities, and nano-suit to best effect. The aliens do more than just float around this time, they’ll find ways to attack you while staying hidden, and use cover effectively in combat situations.

They included a new Team Instant Action mode for the multiplayer mode that’s essentially the same as the Deathmatch mode from other games and the Instant Action mode and Power Struggle mode from the first game.

They offer a nice suite of on line options that make this game even more appealing than Crysis, many of the original maps are available, and they added a few new maps that add to the entertainment. You have to install the on line component of this game separately to play, it isn’t available using the single player campaign as it was with Crysis.

The single player campaign took me six hours to play but this is a game that’s as much fun the second and third time through, so add a few dozen hours.

The Last Word (5 out of 5)

_Crysis Warhea_d makes so many improvements from Crysis that you’ll think its a new game. This game immerses your senses even further into the reality of Crysis and delivers entertainment on all fronts. This game that will have you playing overtime and trying to find moments during the day to play more hours.


Crysis Warhead for the PC

Crysis Warhead is better than Crysis