Crysis Vehicles: A Guide to Transport in This Fun FPS

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Crysis Vehicles

There are a few different types of vehicle in Crysis and sometimes you’ll want to commandeer them. The game is definitely predominantly about first-person shooter action on the ground but you’ll occasionally jump in trucks or boats and you’ll come up against a variety of enemy vehicles including tanks and helicopters. This article will give you a guide on the important features of each vehicle. If you still find you are struggling with Crysis, then check out our article on how to activate cheats.

Land Based Vehicles

Pick Up Trucks - These basic civilian trucks have room for two, no armor, and no weapons. They are fast and maneuverable, so you may occasionally want to use one, but get hit in one of these and you’re dead.

LTVs - You’ll see a lot of these four-wheel drive beasts zooming around and they look like Humvees. They seat five and have a roof-mounted gun. They’re fast but only lightly armoured, and they won’t offer much protection if you get fired on, especially if the attacker aims for the windows. Offensively speaking, the roof-mounted gun is prone to overheating if you fire continuously for too long. In easy or normal difficulty, it can be fired by the driver. Otherwise it requires a dedicated gunner.

Troop Transports - These are much bigger trucks, they are covered, are more heavily armored, and they feature a roof mounted gun just like the LTV. These can carry loads of troops, but they are slow and cumbersome to drive.

Attacking Trucks - All of the trucks are easy to destroy, and they don’t offer much protection for the troops inside. You can shoot them through the windows, use explosives to turn them, or you can shoot out the individual tires to stop them in their tracks.

US and Korean Tanks - Sadly you don’t get to engage in much tank action. There are a couple of different types of Korean tanks and an American tank. The standard US and Korean tanks are armed with cannons and machine guns, and they are faster and more maneuverable than you might expect. There is also a second type of Korean tank which can fire explosive rounds and rockets at a faster rate, but it lacks the machine gun.

Water Based Vehicles

Transport Boats - You’ll see loads of these, and they can carry up to nine troops. They have a front-mounted machine gun and are quite fast, but they offer absolutely no protection for their inhabitants so can be dealt with relatively easily.

Speed Boats - These are civilian boats, and as such they have no offensive or defensive capabilities. They are destroyed far too easily to be a good choice.

Hovercraft - These are great versatile vehicles which are quite fast on the water or on land. They also have a front-mounted gun, and they are easily better than the other boats in the game.

Flying Vehicles in Crysis

Helicopter - You will be attacked by several helicopters throughout the game, but they are fairly easy to take down if you have a missile launcher. Try to aim for the rotor blades to take them out fast, as shots to the body or tail will not be very effective. Sadly, you never get to pilot a helicopter, so you’ll have to settle for destroying loads of them.

VTOL - Vertical Take-Off and Landing jets come with a cannon and missiles. These maneuverable aircraft are quite tricky to fly. You get to try them out in one mission, and you’ll probably be glad they are limited to just one, because they aren’t as great as they look.