Historical PC Games: Call Of Duty - A World War II First Person Shooter

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Rewriting History

People fantasize to go back in time and change all or some part of history, maybe follow a different strategy in a particular campaign or change the tide in a crucial battle. Perhaps react earlier to German aggression by stepping into Churchill’s shoes or turn the tide in Vietnam by donning the uniform of a US marine. At present, technology is not so advanced to transport us to a World War II campaign or change Vietnam’s history but technology, in the form of videogames, they have allowed us to rewrite history. These games are actually based on real life situations inviting us to step into the shoes of major historical figures or fight our way donning the uniform of a US marine.

Call of Duty:

There are a number of World War oriented games but Call of Duty is believed to be the most impressive. The game is basically a first-person shooter set in a World War 2 theatre and requires little strategy to change history but fans love to play on and on. Players get to fight their way through a host of scenarios by donning the uniforms of US, British and even Russian soldiers.

From the rubbles of Stalingrad to the final showdown at Berlin, players will experience the struggle faced by soldiers during the Second World War. The 24 missions in Call of Duty have an intense and exciting combat mode right from the start. Gamers do not have to worry as a team of fellow soldiers always surround them, ably battling Nazi forces. You feel like you are in a large-scale operation similar to a real-life war movie. The enemy A.I. is quite realistic. A bit of carelessness will eventually lead the mission to go wayward. With its realistically looking graphics and equally powerful audio, Call of Duty is sure for gamers who love to experience real life situations in battles of the Second World War.

Making History:

Call of Duty was more action-oriented, but Making History is more intellectual and is very popular among historians who feel it offers one of the most authentic recreations of the Second World War. Yes, with Making History, you can change history as it lets you to experiment with different historical outcomes of the Second World War. The game allows adjusting about everything from industrial output to alliances. There are different sorts of challenges offered by varying start points. Action-lovers will get a bit disappointed with Making History, but history lovers who always want to change history will have to come on top through diplomatic means, conquest or a blend of two. You will also be able to control soldiers of the Second World War, reconstitute the technological and economic base of each nation and even start at any point of the war. If you love to rewrite history, this game is surely for you.

You don’t need a time machine to experience battles in the 20th century. Just switch into gameplay mode and witness the struggle that occurred during the Second World War.

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