City of Heroes Exploration Badges Checklist, Part 5: Striga Isle, Talos Island, Terra Volta, Warburg, and Safeguard Mission Badges

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Easily locate City of Heroes exploration badges using the handy information in this guide.

A quick note on coordinates: Badge locations are given using the in-game coordinate system. Simply use the /loc command to determine your character’s location at any time.

Badges are listed alphabetically by location.

Safeguard Mission Exploration Badges

Nine exploration badges for heroes are found in instanced Safeguard Missions. The “Cornerstone” badge is found in the Brickstown mission, beneath a power line tower at -406, 0, -130. The “Courage Driven” badge is acquired during the Skyway City mission and is found next to a delivery truck at -945, 0, -3555. Grab the “Founder’s Protector” badge during the Founder’s Falls mission next to the zone’s northern force field at coordinates 3233, 0, 2055. The “Freedom’s Defender” badge is acquired during the Steel Canyon mission next to an apartment building at -4253, 122, -641. Get the “Gatekeeper” badge during the Peregrine Island mission at -635, 0, -2868, atop a building in the center of the mission area.

The “Heart of the City” badge is obtained during the Atlas Park Safeguard Mission. Find it at coordinates 1498, 0, -399, next to a mailbox near the mission entrance. The next safeguard mission badge, “Honorable Captain,” is found in an alley at -1948, 0, -3172 during the Independence Port mission. Get the “King’s Righteousness” badge during the King’s Row mission by traveling to the two large crates at 670, -42, -2350. Finally, find the “Talos’ Might” badge by finding the marker between two stores at -1452, 160, 6739.

Striga Isle Exploration Badges

The Striga Isle zone has three exploration badges. The “Sea Dog” badge is located at the end of a dock at -470, 0, 1020. Get the “Super Spy” badge for traveling to the giant steel doors at -6655, -15, -2460. The zone’s final badge, “Vulcanologist,” is found on the crater of the volcano at -5346, 875,

Talos Island Exploration Badges

The Talos Island zone also has three exploration badges. “Minotaur” is earned by traveling to the large Minotaur statue at 1698, 16, 7697. Get the “Nature Lover” badge on a grassy plateau at 2672, 124, 9117. Make your way to the roof of a large ship at -5613, 80, 1855 to earn the “Whitecap” badge.

Terra Volta Exploration Badges

There are three exploration badges up for grabs in the Terra Volta zone. Grab the “Conjunction Junction” under some pipes at 2222, 0, -7102. The “Meltdown” badge is found atop the nuclear reactor at 1120, 721, -3080. Get the “Nervous Dreck” badge next to a dumpster at 4456, 0, -6124.

Warburg Exploration Badges

The Warburg zone is also home to three exploration badges. The first, “Triumphant,” is found at -768, 144, 0, atop the golden globe. “Tunnel Rat” is acquired after traveling to the WEB missile plant entrance at -1219, 0, 143. Get the “Weapon Inspector” badge for traveling to the top of the missile scaffolding at 228, 274, 33.

That’s it for the final section of our City of Heroes Exploration Badges Guide. Check out the other sections of the guide for information on badges in all the game’s other zones including Atlas Park, King’s Row, Skyway City, and Steel Canyon.