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Welcome To Paragon City

City of Heroes/City of Villains is a successful MMORPG in a unique genre, that of comic book games. Sure, there are other comic book games, even online comic book games. But none of them have received the fanbase attributed to this particular title. And while its not quite World of Warcraft - at least with respect to the number of subscribers - it does have a fairly faithful following. So if you want to find out more about what is in this game, or if you’re a current player seeking more knowledge, where do you go to find answers? Well, CityofHeroes.wikia.com is in place to answer that particular calling. To find out whether this site will help you out, we’ll need to examine what it has to offer.

Accolades, Badges, and Content…Oh My! (5 out of 5)

Since this site is a Wiki-type page, you would expect to find an online encyclopedia of knowledge regarding the game. The site doesn’t leave you lacking either. The Table of Contents link sends you to an alphabetic listing of everything, from Archetypes to City Zones. There’s also a link called Top Content that shows links to other interesting areas, such as Editor’s Pick or Most Visited. If you have something in particular you’re looking for, there is a Search field on the left hand side of the page.

As you browse through the site’s content - something it has a lot of - its immediately obvious that the information presented is written by fans of the game. The content is thorough and precise, but its also objective so as not to sway anyone to a particular view. After all, everyone has their favorite class or power set in this game, so its nice to see that the stats are presented without any commentary. All in all, this is site has a great deal of usable content for anyone who wants to play the game or is currently embroiled in it.

One thing that makes this a decent resource is the ease with which you can find what you’re looking for. The site is very nicely designed. At the home page, the left pane contains useful links that will take you to pretty much anywhere you want to go. The ad content on the site is not so “in your face” as to be annoying, which is nice. And there are even official links for some of the more useful things like Account Management, Comic Downloads, and Server Status. There are also handily links at the bottom to deal with problems on the site or the ability to rate the article being displayed.

One thing that is debatable is the visual feel of the site. Its supposed to be a comic book game, but the colors are more indicative of a conservative law firm than a superhero adventure. Since its hosted at wikia.com however, they may not have the ability to change the visual feel much. Its just too bad it couldn’t be more inviting like the game’s official sites, which are quite appropriate to the theme.

A Decent Community (4 out of 5)

The site boasts a very robust community, particularly the forums. The forums include a great deal of content, they’re moderated, and there is plenty of areas where a question could be asked or answered. Despite the fact that the game has been out for so long, its evident that there are still active members on this site who visit and post to the forums. This means even a newbie to the game can find some help wherever needed - even if they do get flamed for being a newbie. The Community Portal links to the ParagonWiki site, which evidently is where a lot more community-type resources are available.

Final Thoughts (4 out of 5)

Overall this site is a very good resource for the game. The thing that makes it exceptional of course, is its vast amount of content. City of Heroes can be a complex game, and it has a lot of content within it. So naturally any wiki site has to follow suit. The site design is good enough - though not visually exciting - and there’s obviously a strong active community associated with it. If you’re a current player of City of Heroes or thinking about trying out the game, this is definitely one site to bookmark.