The Best Free Shooting Games Online

The Best Free Shooting Games Online
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The Best Online Shooting Games

Whether first-person, third-person, top-down or side-scrolling, shooting games need no introduction. Better known by the acronym STG, a shooting game gives a player the pleasure of eliminating virtual enemies using long-range weaponry. Shooting games can be categorized based on the viewpoint of the player: top-down shooters have an overhead viewpoint; side-scrolling shooters mainly scroll from left to right in a 2D plane and fixed shooters involve shooting on a fixed screen. There are also “rail shooters” where there’s no need to maneuver the character, and “run and gun”, which involves maneuvering and platforming elements.

The popularity of shooting games has given rise to meaty themes like “alien shooting games” and “zombie shooters”, which are quite popular on the Internet. In fact, there are scores of free shooting games online encompassing different themes and settings and are available free on the Internet. Armed with a keyboard and a mouse, players can go for a virtual killing spree by playing some of the best shooting games on the Internet.

Metal Slug Flash Online Edition

The Metal Slug series of run and gun shooting games is best known for its fast-paced shooting fun, humorous settings and hand-drawn graphics. Released first for the MVS arcade platform in the mid-90s, Metal Slug games soon graced the Neo-Geo consoles and later was ported to Sega Saturn and PlayStation. The year 2006 also saw the release of Metal Slug Anthology for the PC, Wii, PS2 and PSP platforms. The compilation featured the entire Metal Slug series, including Metal Slug X.

There’s also an online version of Metal Slug. It’s the same Metal Slug, complete with the raw action, sense of humor and hand-drawn graphics, but revamped for the Flash platform. However, the controls might be a bit problematic to a few. Players will have to press the D button to move the character right, while pressing the A button will move him from right to left. Pressing the S button makes the character duck down and W makes him point his gun upwards to shoot enemies at a height. Players can fire by pressing the J key and throw hand grenades by hitting the L key. While the controls might be a bit clunky at first, some practice will make you well versed with the sequence. Metal Slug’s Flash Online Edition is a must-play for any hard-core Metal Slug fan and is undoubtedly one of the best free shooting games online.

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Flash Strike!

Flash Strike Loading Screen

A Counter Strike clone, Flash Strike has everything a hard-core CS fan wants – an array of weapons, including sniper rifle and M4 and flash bang grenades to stun enemies. The only drawback is that it is a fixed shooter (and arguably so, because it would need tireless amounts of programming and other development stuff to make it a complete online first person shooter akin to Counter Strike), but is surely a nice try by ThorGaming, the game developer.

Flash Strike Screenshot

The game’s fun and can be an excellent temporary shooting thirst-quencher if you miss playing Counter Strike on your office desk. It loads quite quick (check out the “loading screen”, which exactly mimics the original loading screen of Counter Strike, pretty fun!) and offers plenty of missions, all involving killing terrorists on various CS locales. There are bonus kills too and headshots to perform. But make sure to hit the Q button to reload your guns!

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Zombies in the Shadows

Zombies in the Shadow

Zombie shooters are a fav among shooter fans. While there are different side-scrollers and fixed screen zombie shooting games, Zombies in the Shadows stands apart from the usual stuff. It is a top-down flash shooter with excellent dynamic lights and shadows and gameplay elements similar to games like Alien Shooter, including a complete list of upgradable weapons, bonuses and health packs. All you have is a gun and a torch in the first level. As you progress you can upgrade your weapons to increase the reloading time, rate of fire and magazine capacity.

The Zombies in the Shadow flash online game is a nice combination of shooting and survival horror. You can protect yourself from temporary barricades, use flash bangs or other explosives to temporary blind off enemies. And yes, you will have to stay away from darkness since those virtual zombies get stronger in the dark. To avoid this, you will have to be near a light source, a bonfire or any other source.

Free Shooting Games Online - Zombies in the Shadow

Zombies in the Shadow is one of the best online shooting games with a zombie theme. The game also has 4 boss modes; each boss has unique abilities and skills. With such unique gameplay elements and excellent dynamic lights and shadow effects, the game is a must-play for shooting gamers.

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