Top 3 Addictive Driving Games for Pro and Enthusiast Racers

Whether a pro racer or an enthusiast, one would certainly go for the best racing game available on the market. Just type “racing games” on Google and the end-result is loads and loads of adrenaline pumping arcade and sim driving games. However, there are some great online and downloadable games that are free to play and guarantee superb gameplay with true-to-life graphics and sound.

Superbike 2001

Superbike 2001 offers excellent gameplay and realistic bike racing experience to hardcore sim-racers and arcade fans. This game has a host of popular superbike teams including Honda, Suzuki, and Ducati. Gamers have the option of selecting their favorite teams and also the driver from that team. There are lots of information about riders and bikes. One needs to practice laps, qualify rounds and finally race against other AI teams. There are 13 tracks in championship mode. Players can select any track in the practice session mode.

Playing the championship race is not quite easy, as players need to master biking skills. This is the best part of Superbike 2001 as it resembles realistic bike racing. A good one to include in your racing game collections.

Download Superbike 2001

F1 2002

This is one of the best F1 games that EA has ever produced. With stunning visuals and good game physics, F1 2002 has all the tracks in the 2002 season including the Hockenheim layout. The cars and tracks are realistically modeled. Beginners can try out several practice sessions and qualify for the championship against competitive AI drivers.

The best part of F1 2002 is its controls and car adjustments. There are a variety of assists including brakes, steering and rev limiters. The assists allows beginner to drive the car without any complex controlling. Gamers can also tweak everything including gears, downforce, tires shocks, spring rates, and many more. It is just like adjusting a real car. While there are many F1 racing games, this game is certainly one of the best driving games in terms of graphics, gameplay, cars and tracks.

Download F1 2002

Street Racer: Online Flash Game

Although it takes a long time to load, it is one of the most popular Flash racing games played on the internet. Street Racer has no complex control, you just need to press the accelerator key and steer with the help of WASD or arrow keys. It is a thrilling driving game that certainly has become the first choice for arcade flash game lovers.

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