5 Indie Games That Should Make Their Way to WiiWare

5 Indie Games That Should Make Their Way to WiiWare
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5 Indie Games Perfect for WiiWare

There’s definitely something worth appreciating about the indie game. Like any mainstream game, there are good ones and there are bad ones; but good indie games usually have the potential to rival most mainstream releases in terms of quality, and they often surpass titles that fit “the norm” thanks to their unique design, quirky elements, and overall distinguishable feel. Indie games have gone from being released as freeware gems for the PC to making their mark as downloads on today’s major consoles. Here are five games that would be very welcome on Nintendo’s WiiWare service.

Ikachan - Studio Pixel

Not long ago, Daisuke Amaya’s Cave Story was ported to WiiWare. The man also known as Pixel has released several freeware titles, but

none have garnered the fan base that Cave Story and Ikachan have. Following the exploits of a small squid who must save an underwater civilization from impending doom, Ikachan is the very epitome of a feel-good game. Granted it is only a two-hour affair, Ikachan would definitely succeed on WiiWare if Studio Pixel teamed up with another company and added extra content to the title. Ikachan can easily be expanded upon by adding more levels to create an enjoyable download on WiiWare.

Fancy Pants Adventures - Borne Games

With two episodes out and a third on its way, Fancy Pants Adventures is a fun running and jumping platformer (think Mirror’s Edge 2D)

Fancy Pants Adventures

that could very well be put up for download on WiiWare once more installments have been developed. Each game plays like a world, with the first release acting as a tutorial to the title’s gameplay, and the second game feeling more like a complete stage. Currently, Brad Borne is working on the third installment, which is due out a little later this year. Perhaps when more games are made Borne can release them all as a single title on WiiWare.              

Aether - Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaeil

Known for his surreal, haunting, and unique titles, Edmund McMillen joins up with Tyler Glaiel to deliver an unusual but gripping puzzle


game where a boy and his monster must work together to help the inhabitants in each of the game’s worlds by performing a specific task. McMillen and Glaiel have already expressed interest in releasing the title for WiiWare. It would be awesome if their desire comes to fruition and Aether makes its way to Nintendo’s download service.

RunMan: Race Around the World - Tom Sennett, Matt Thorson

Remember when Sonic used to go fast, and then Sega went and messed that up in more ways than most people even want to

RunMan: Race Around the World

remember? Well, RunMan: Race Around the World rivals Sonic’s fast-paced gameplay and follows the exploits of a speedy star-shaped character named RunMan who must jump over chasms, stomp on bad guys, and bounce off of walls all while running super fast. Featuring a creative Microsoft Paint look, RunMan: Race Around the World bleeds pure indie style, and it would make for an amazing WiiWare game.

Time Fcuk - Edmund McMillen, William Good, Justin Karpel

Time Fcuk (pronounced “cuff”) is one of those games that just messes with your head as you play it. Edmund McMillen once again

Time Fcuk

steers the ship into a dark, eerie, challenging world and alongside William Good and Justin Karpel delivers a great surrealist puzzle game. Aside from the main campaign, which is pretty lengthy in its own right, gamers can create their own stages or play through user-created levels. This is the kind of game that really needs to make its way to Nintendo’s download service, both for its strange yet enthralling premise, and for its great gameplay and replay value.

5 Indie Titles That Would Make Great WiiWare Games

WiiWare has already seen a great number of indie titles thus far. Games such as Cave Story and World of Goo are just two examples of the unique and entertaining independently released titles that have made their way to Nintendo’s download service and have been successful WiiWare games. The five aforementioned titles would certainly make great additions to the already stellar library of downloadable games available on WiiWare, and it would give these indie developers some more exposure to boot. Ikachan, Fancy Pants Adventures, Aether, RunMan: Race Around the World, and Time Fcuk would definitely fit nicely on WiiWare, and console gamers would be exposed to a handful of entertaining titles that are certainly worth playing.