Top 5 Flight Simulator Combat Games for the Wii -- Up, Heatseeker and Hawx

Top 5 Flight Simulator Combat Games for the Wii -- Up, Heatseeker and Hawx
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Wii Flight Titles and Other Adventures in Mediocrity

Wii developer have not been able to produce many good flight games. When the best flight simulator for the console is based on a movie, it reflects poorly on all the flight combat games available for the console.

Flight simulator game fans do not need to give up on the Wii entirely. Wii owners must do some research to avoid buying flight games that turn out to be more challenging than fun. Many developers seem to be stuck in a mind set that makes the games more challenging to play than they should be.

The Top 5 Flight Simulator Games for the Nintendo Wii

1. Up!

One of the cliffs in Up!

Up! tops the list of flight combat simulator games for Wii, even though the game is not strictly a flight game. Pixar’s Up! earned the top spot on because the developers decided to forego the complicated controls found in the other games listed here and work with the controllers that the Wii actually has.

2. Heatseeker

heatseekerwii 006-large

Up! combined steampunk elem acs with the use of World War I era biplanes. Heatseeker did not receive favorable reviews, even though it is one of the best flight games available for the Wii. The game uses a simple formula that requires players to shoot down wave after wave of enemy planes or requires a player to defend friendly bases. This makes Heatseeker more realistic and highly repetitive.

3. Hawx

Hawx screenshot

Tom Clancy’s Hawx takes place in the nearby future. A pilot will take control of modern jets as he tries to defeat the corporation attempting global domination. The controls in Hawx are slightly easier to master than they are for Heatseeker. What sets Hawx apart from its direct competitors is superior art direction. Some Wii flight games make it difficult to distinguish the horizon from the ground and this adds to the annoyance factor of the players. Flying a plane into the ground because a player does not realize he is flying into the ground is not an appropriate way to add to the challenge level of flight simulators.

Why the Wii Has Few Good Flight Combat Simulators

Why hasn’t Snoopy versus the Red Baron been made for the Wii?

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge and Snoopy versus the Red Baron for the Xbox and PS2 respectively offered challenging game play with easy to use controls. Players could invest time in learning the special maneuvers. A player could finish the game without using any special moves The controllers allowed the developers to focus on smaller movements that do not work well with the Wiimote controllers.

4. Wings Island

Wing Island

This game requires no dogfighting or other plane to plane combat. It is simply an adventure game that requires you to pilot a World War I style biplanes on various missions. Although the plane is easier to control than the planes are in the previously mentioned titles. Wings Island will not appeal to the type of gamer who prefers to shoot down enemy planes, but it could serve as a good introduction to the genre, and parents do not need to worry about inappropriate content.

5. Blazing Angels: Squadrons of World War II

Blazing Angels Squardons of World War II, Battle of Britain

This game makes it on the list of good flight games for the Wii by default. It certainly would not make such a list of games for the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. Blazing Angels is one of the few World War II flight games for the Wii and it is only marginally better flight game than WWII Aces is. Blazing Angels suffers from poor art direction, poorly implemented controls, and an unimaginative storyline. Several planes that should be in the game are strangely absent. (A player cannot even fly a P-38 Lightning.)

How Wii Developers Can Make Good Flight Games

An F-22 Raptor.

Developers need to abandon the idea that the same controls that work on other consoles work well for the Wii. If the companies developing flight games cannot do this, they should require the Wiimote classic controller to be used for the game instead.

The Wii’s motion sensors are designed to detect broad, sweeping movements rather than the minute movements of a joystick or game pad. Many flight games available for the console come from third party developers who do not understand how the Wii controls worked. If Nintendo were to bring back Starfox, Wii owners might see improvement in future flight combat titles. Until this happens people who want a good flight game should probably stick to the multi-player flight games in Pixar’s Up!