Bayonetta Guide: Combat & Strategy for Bayonetta on the PS3

Bayonetta Guide: Combat & Strategy for Bayonetta on the PS3
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Bayonetta is an incredible game offering up slick, chaotic, third-person action in a beautiful visual style. It is eccentric but utterly captivating and it presents a real challenge for gamers of all abilities. In this guide we’re going to offer a few tips for Bayonetta players on the PS3 that might help you get through the game in one piece. There are tips on combat and details on how to get your hands on all the Bayonetta unlockables. If you’re after the trophies then check out our Bayonetta Trophy Guide.

Basic Bayonetta Combat Tips

First up let’s take a look at combat strategy. Bayonetta is all about combos and you need to learn to chain them together so you can destroy your opponents without ever being at risk of taking damage yourself. The basic controls you’ll need to use most frequently are Triangle and Circle. Triangle performs a light attack and Circle performs a heavy attack and they can be chained together to keep enemies reeling. You can also use Square to fire off your handguns and keep combos going.

Combine these controls with R2 to dodge. If you use R2 early you’ll skip out of the way of an enemy attack. If, on the other hand, you wait until the last possible moment to use R2 to dodge then you’ll activate Witch Time and slow motion will kick in allowing you to pull off a nasty counter.

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As you dole out the damage your magic meter will fill and allow you to pull off tremendous finishing moves like Torture attacks. A button prompt will appear onscreen to help you with these and they really hurt so use them when you can. You can also mix in Wicked Weaves which are attacks using Bayonetta’s hair.

You’ll also get the option to buy or pick up weapons as you progress and these can be equipped in your inventory. They modify your basic attacks and usually unleash more damaging moves. Practice your combinations, master the dodge and you have the basics of combat down. You can add some other bits and pieces as you go.

Gates of Hell

You’ll find a shop run by Rodin, accessible via red portals in most levels. You can buy useful weapons, accessories and even new moves here and they are well worth splashing out on. In order to get your hands on these goodies you’ll need to hand over a lot of Halos. For that reason make sure you scoop up all the Halos your enemies spill when they die.

Animal Transformation

There are a couple of shapeshifting abilities you can buy from the Gates of Hell which make navigating the environment much easier. As soon as you can afford them get the Panther Within and Crow Within. As the crow flies you can get past environmental hazards and as a panther you can outrun the disappearing ground beneath your feet.

Stay Alert During Cutscenes

There are loads of stylish cutscenes in Bayonetta but it is not the sort of game where you can afford to put down the gamepad. There are several cutscenes that have sudden and unexpected quick time events where you have to press a button to avoid an instant death. You’ll also find any cutscene that introduces a new foe will generally end with them trying to get a sneaky attack in before you are ready so be prepared!

Bayonetta Unlockables

Bayonetta screenshot 2

There are various bits of content in Bayonetta which can be unlocked. First of all the Hard difficulty mode can only be unlocked by completing the game on Normal difficulty. The ultimate challenge is the Infinite Climax difficulty and it can only be unlocked by completing the game on Hard difficulty. Everything you collect carries over into the next difficulty level so don’t worry about having to start again from scratch.

How to Unlock Accessories in Bayonetta

  • Bangle of Time - Complete the game under three hours on Normal difficulty or above.
  • Climax Bracelet - Get 101 Umbran Tears of Blood.
  • Eternal Testimony - Get 50 Umbran Tears of Blood.
  • Immortal Marionette – Complete the game on Easy difficulty.

How to Unlock Weapons in Bayonetta

  • Bazillions - Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
  • Handguns – Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
  • Pillow Talk – Complete the game on Infinite Climax difficulty.
  • Rodin - Purchase the “Platinum Ticket” and beat Father Rodin.
  • Sai-fon - Clear 100 chapters on Normal difficulty or above.

How to Unlock Costumes in Bayonetta

  • d’Arc - Purchase “Couture Bullet (d’Arc)” at Gates of Hell for 100 Halos.

    Bayonetta screenshot

  • Nun - Purchase “Couture Bullet (Nun)” at Gates of Hell for 100 Halos.

  • Old - Purchase “Couture Bullet (Old) at Gates of Hell for 100 Halos.

  • P.E. Uniform - Purchase “Couture Bullet (P.E. Uniform)” at Gates of Hell for 100 Halos.

  • Queen - Purchase “Couture Bullet (Queen)” at Gates of Hell for 100 Halos.

  • Umbra - Purchase “Couture Bullet (Umbra)” at Gates of Hell for 100 Halos.

  • Umbran Komachi - Purchase “Super Mirror” at Gates of Hell for 100 Halos.

How to Unlock Playable Characters in Bayonetta

  • Jeanne – Get Platinum medals on all stages in Normal difficulty.
  • Little Zero - Beat the Lost Chapter.