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Cheats, Unlockables and Trainer for Assassin’s Creed

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is an article featuring the award-winning title “Assassin’s Creed” which lists hints, tips, cheats and more. Ease your gaming experience, kick back and beat the game in your own time at your own pace.

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    Sedentary Assassins, Welcome

    Assassin's Creed Logo Desmond Miles, the Abstergo Megacorp., Ezio Auditore and friends; you haven’t tasted real next-gen fluid action unless you’ve played “Assassin’s Creed,” whether in its first incarnation or in its more polished successors.

    Granted that the game may be difficult at times, particularly when you need to take out a subject heavily surrounded by guards, moving crowds or annoying beggars; do not fret as that’s about to change. Keep reading for “Assassin’s Creed” cheats, unlockables and a link to the cheathappens trainer to make those stealth-kills all much easier.

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    Trainer By Cheathappens

    Megatrainer Luckily, the trainer is freely available for download and with it running it is doubtful you will need much else. There are different versions of the trainer, some for the retail game-version others written for the patched version of the game. There are also versions for DirectX 9.0 or DirectX 10, so make sure you check everything before downloading (your game version and your DirectX version).

    Once you’ve downloaded it, the megatrainer contains instructions and simply works with the NUMPAD keys like all the other trainers. Included are many different functions, such as:

    Adding time to your timer

    Levitation kills

    Save/Load teleport, allowing you to reload in whichever location you wish

    Unlimited throwing knives, so you don’t have to worry about missing.

    There are also save-games on the site, including saves of fully completed game.

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    Eagle's Flight Achievement Here is a list of notable achievements for the game, which have you completing some aspects of playing in a certain way in order to unlock:

    Absolute Symbiosis - You need to get about 8/9 assassinations and have a complete Synchronization bar; you can do this by saving citizens, visiting view points or getting ranks by Al Mualim.

    Blade in the Crowd – You need to kill any of your main targets in stealth, using low-profile and blend in the game so that they are not aware before dieing. You can do this on any of them but it becomes progressively more difficult.

    Conversationalist – You must exhaust all dialogues with Lucy, before going resting as you will not get a second chance. Make sure the convo-options are exhausted and she prompts you to go to sleep.

    Defender of the People: Acre, Damascus, Jerusalem - Complete missions in the indicated places.

    Disciple of the Creed – This is apparently a glitchy achievement and it can still be unlocked by doing all side missions before moving onto assassinations. Officially it’s unlocked by having a full DNA bar after your kills, so avoid combat in a similar way to Blade in the Crowd.

    Eagle’s Challenge, Dance, Dive, Eye, Flight, Prey, Swiftness, Talon, Will - To unlock do these, as listed, in order: 50 leaps of faith, 50 combo kills in combat, 75 dead guards by knife-throws, last 10 minutes in combat, assassinate 100 guards, perform 100 counter kills in fights, perform 50 stealth assassinations, defeat 100 opponents without dying.

    Enemy of the Poor – You need to grab and throw 25 beggars, or harassers, to complete this achievement. Remember it won’t work if you keep on throwing the same person.

    Fearless – Climb all of the 91 high points in the game, press your synchronize button and you’ll unlock it.

    Gifted Escapist – Simply jump through 20 merchant stalls to unlock this.

    Look here for a comprehensive list of achievements.

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    There are two unlockables for the game, which are similar as the achievements.

    Animus Eagle Vision – This can be unlocked after completing the main story in the game, and you can use it whenever you like regardless of synchronization levels (your health bar). With this sight you’ll be able to distinguish enemy from friends and be able to decipher cryptic messages.

    Killing Without Penalty – Go through the game and complete it once, and you will be able to replay each memory block without the worry of losing a life.

    That's all there is to it, time to make use of these "Assassin's Creed" cheats and trainer!