Playing as a Predator in Aliens vs Predator

Playing as a Predator in Aliens vs Predator
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Become a Predator

A race of obsessive hunters with mysterious technology and a real passion for battle, Predators are tough and determined. They prefer to track prey stealthily and gather information before picking the right moment to strike. If you want to take on the Predator mantle you’ll need to abide by their code and learn their abilities to succeed.

In this guide we’ll take a look at their equipment, weaponry and suggest the best tactics to use, both for the single campaign, and the multiplayer Aliens vs Predator game.

Equipment and Abilities

Predators have some really nifty gadgets and using them can mean the difference between victory and death. The mask they wear allows for two alternative vision modes. First up is Thermal Vision which highlights Marines and Combat Androids and blends the rest of the scenery into the background. The second is Alien Vision which highlights serpents in bright green making them much easier to target and pick off. You can change vision modes with F.

Predators also have a cloaking device. It won’t help you against Aliens and Motion Trackers will also be able to detect you, when you move. However the cloaking device doesn’t drain your energy reserves and it is pretty useful for getting close to Marines and Combat Androids without being spotted.

Since Predators like to survey the scene before they wade in you can use Left Shift to focus on targets and get a read out. This is best done from a good vantage spot so use Left Shift to find areas on the map, usually high vantage spots that you can then jump to using Space. It is a good idea to use this focus ability as a lock on for charging up attacks or leaping into the fray.

Another tool in your locker is the ability to lure Marines. You select them from a distance using E and then specify a point on the map to lure them to. You can do this while cloaked and it is ideal for either pulling them to a quiet spot to get a close up kill or sending them towards a Proximity Mine you’ve planted.


Aliens vs Predator Predator Statues

The array of weaponry at your fingertips is impressive but it does take some getting used to. For a close look at the weapons check out our Aliens vs Predator Weapon Guide.

The main weapon you’ll use is the Wristblades which can be used for fast light attacks or slow heavy attacks. Like the Alien if you can get up close to a target you can grab them with E and pull off instant kills in gory style.

You also have the Plasma Caster shoulder cannon, aim carefully and charge up with middle mouse. The Combi Stick and the Smart Disc are both useful if you aim carefully. The key is to sneak up close enough unseen to have the time and positioning to take out your target with ease.

Enemies: Marines, Aliens and Combat Androids

A different approach is required for each of your enemies as a Predator. You ideally want to use your stealth abilities but they are no good against Aliens so you’ll need to modify your approach for them.

Aliens vs Predator Predator Cloaked


Stay cloaked with R and fully scan the area before making a move on Marines. You can use the Decoy maneuver to lure a whole group to their death one by one if you have the patience for it. Lone Marines are the most fun, just sneak up close using jumps to handy vantage spots and flank them before sneaking up behind and twisting off their head as a trophy. Do not give Marines a chance to fire on you because their weapons are powerful. If you do get spotted drop back and cloak again and give yourself time to regroup (remember boosting your health with H automatically reveals you and so does water).

Combat Androids

You can deal with these guys the same way as you would deal with a Marine except that the Decoy maneuver will not work on them. Otherwise take the same stealthy approach to get close and try to despatch them with instant kills.


The serpents can see you because they smell pheromones and so you might as well wade straight into them on sight. You can block with your Wristblades and stun them with a quick attack and then follow up with a heavy attack. You can also grab Aliens when the E prompt pops up for instant kills. Remember to use your Alien Vision if it is dark and at range you can employ your ranged weaponry to take them out.


Aliens vs Predator Predator Destruct

It is fairly tricky to play as the Predator because once spotted you are a big, slow target and you can be killed quite easily. Stealth is very important and so is patience if you want to win with the Predator. Wading into fire fights with Marines is not a good approach, pick your targets, time the attack so as not to attract attention, and move on after executing it.

Your strength in melee is a big advantage and it is often much better to just resort to slash and stab attacks with the Wristblades than fiddle around with the weaponry. The ranged weapons are designed to be used methodically, aimed slowly and carefully, not sprayed wildly in chaotic battle.

Use health shards to regenerate but always pick a private spot to do this and use generators to recharge your power which will run out alarmingly fast. Both of these actions leave you vulnerable so be careful.

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