Overview Of Age of Empires III strategy PC Game and Kuma/War Strategy Game for PC

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Changing the course of History

Travelling back in time to change the course of history is like a dream-come-true situation for every individual. Following a different strategy in a crucial battle and changing the scene of a particular campaign is fantasized by most people who dream of being virtually present in, say, a battle to control the new world or eliminating the villains of Afghanistan and Fallujah. While technology might have progressed in recent times, it has not served a time machine to help us go back in history and change the course of battle. But there is an option in the form of videogames that are actually based on real-life events. With some hotkeys you could control an entire empire or bring down the evil reign of dictators, all served at your desktop!


History does not get better than this! Kuma/war was the first Kuma reality game which grabbed headlines straight away when its opening mission allowed gamers to participate in the mission to hunt down Saddam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay. Using advanced gaming tools, Kuma reality games recreate real-world events with all missions marked by extensive briefings and sometimes even interviews with the actual participants of a particular mission.

Kuma/War is a first and third person tactical squad based game with a variety of real world missions and a belief that gamers can do things differently. Most of the missions float around the conflict in Afghanistan or the war in Iraq. Gamers will have to select the mission of their choice. Each mission has a detailed description shown in the form of actual video footage as well as an insight from a retired officer detailing what tactics should be employed to survive the mission. Every mission comes up with two difficulty levels, Arcade and Realistic. The Arcade mode allows you to just keep on firing at enemy AI without any tactics. Realistic mode allows using stealth and responding to gunshot wounds. The introductions try to give a more realistic look with actual mission briefings, extensive weapon descriptions and video footages but gameplay is far from being real. The Enemy AI shoots blindly and allies don’t try to take cover when someone tries to shoot at them. You can control vehicles like tanks, but you cannot run over anything; even a mere car can cause a roadblock!

Age of Empires III:

Mention “history” and “gaming” and the first game that comes in your mind will be the Age of Empires series. The games allowed players to take significant strategic decisions at various stages of the human history, from the Stone Age to the modern. The game allows players to participate in some major events and battles and is totally strategy-oriented. Gamers can also be a part of a number of civilizations.

Age of Empires III focuses on conflicts between European powers and tribes of North and South America. Eight different European civilizations including the French, the British, The Spanish, The Ottomans, the Portuguese and the Germans appear to compete and control the Native American tribes. Each has different military and economic leanings.

Age of Empires III features a lengthy single-player campaign and five difficulty settings for the Enemy AI. The scenario editor lets you create your own campaign to, perhaps, change history. Every structure, unit, and cultures has some kind of information attached with it. There is also a tutorial mode where gamers are allowed to practice before going in for the real battle. With a multiplayer mode, Age of Empires III allows gamers to participate in ranked matches and chat with other players over the internet.

While technology has yet to develop a time machine, it does offer an array of games where you can set the world on the right course.