World of Warcraft Tailoring Mini Guide Pt 1

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Exactly what you need to go from 1 - 375 in tailoring…

In the World of Warcraft, players are allowed to choose two professions to make both items and money with. Normally, players will chose one gathering skill and one crafting skill, usually ones that will benefit their toon and their playing style. Tailoring is usually picked up by cloth armor wearers and those that like to make money by crafting bags and selling them. But, tailoring is not one of the easiest professions by a long shot. This profession takes a lot of farming and patience, but the rewards are well worth all of the work that goes into it. Usually the epic tailored items are some of the best that can be found, usually pre-tier 5 gear, and are a must have for casters and priests in the game. To help you go from that dreaded level 1 in tailoring up to 375, this mini guide will give you everything that you need to blow through it as fast as you can.

Let’s start with the materials that you will need to level your tailoring up as quickly as possible. (If you have a higher level toon that has lots of cash, or if you are a high level toon, you will want to start buying these for use later on as some can be hard to find.) Here is the list of the different cloths and other items you will need and how many of each you need to get:


Linen Cloth – 160

Wool Cloth – 200

Silk Cloth – 760

Mageweave Cloth – 250

Runecloth – 900

Netherweave Cloth – 2160


Rugged Leather – 120

Knothide Leather – 20


Coarse Thread – 75

Fine Thread – 135

Silken Thread – 45

Heavy Silken Thread – 60

Runethread – 80


Gray Dye – 5

Blue Dye – 30

Bleach – 10

Red Dye – 90

Misc. Items:

Netherweb Spider Silk – 25

Arcane Dust - 200

Keep in mind that this list are the things that you have to have to go from level 1 to 375. There are other substitutes that you can make if you just want a certain item, but this is the list that I always stick to and that you will find in some other World of Warcraft information guides out there. So, there you have the list of items that you need to level your tailoring. In the next part of this mini guide series, we will go through the best tactics for leveling your tailoring as quickly as possible.

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