How to Raid On Wow

How to Raid On Wow
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How to Raid in WoW – Gearing Up

Learning How to Raid in WoW is easier if you have raiding experience from other mmorpgs. If a player comes in with such experience from Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot or the newer Warhammer Online he knows what to expect from this type of raid. A new player or someone just getting into raiding for the first time may not have the advantages of experiences.

Raiding in Wow requires gearing up, preparing, listening to directions and ultimately knowing how to play your class well. Screw-ups can and do occur. A new raider should not get too upset if he cannot take down a boss on his first try, especially if it is in an instance that other members of the raiding party have not yet tried.

Before a person can get admitted into the highest level raids, he must have a certain gear score. The most commonly used numbers come from an add-on called Gearscore appropriately enough. At the time this article was written, most guilds require a number around 5,000 to do the various wings of Icecrown Citadel.

Instances, Raids, and High Level Equipment

Obsidian Sanctum Dragon Raid

When a player gets to 80 and has a guild to raid with, he may want to ask the guild leader what the raiding requirements for a guild or alliance are. The gear score is only one item. Threat meter, Deadly Boss Mods, Healbot, and Pally Power may be required for some guilds. Some of these required add-ons are required only for a certain class or a certain role.

In order to get his gear score number up to the required level, a person must run instances and lower level raids. Players can turn in badges from heroic dungeons to get the highest level gear and Wrath of the Lich King vendors sell some items outside of the Trial of the Crusader grounds and inside the entrance to IceCrown Citadel.

Most guilds require people interested in raiding to use Ventrilo or Teamspeak. WoW does have an in-game voice chat option, but it does not work well and generally is not used by most guilds.

How to Raid in WoW – Setup and Preparation

Horde Raiding Iron Forge – I think

Raiders who live up to consistent standards are more likely to get in before raiders who meet the bare minimum requirements for the instance. There are only so many people guilds can take on raids. The numbers are obvious. A guild can take 10 or 25 people. Old world raids allow up to 40 people.

On the night of the raid, it helps if a raider logs in early and shows up early. This way he can get repairs to his armor if needed and he can be near the summoning stone. Log into Vent before the raid too, if possible.

Part of learning how to raid in WoW is learning the art of patience. When you get into the raid, various buffs and items get handed out. Most of the time these are feasts. Some raids hand out potions in addition to the feasts, although this is not a common occurrence. Wait for the buffs and eventually the raid leader will give instructions. Listen to the instructions and do not interrupt.

After all the build up ends, the raid leader gives the raid party the instructions to attack. Follow the instructions and do not worry if the guild wipes. It will happen from time to time.

How to Raid on WoW – Recovery

Wipes will happen, even to the most skilled raiders. The Internet is a chaotic and unpredictable environment. If a raid party wipes, players should not disconnect or give up the first time. Instead, players should wait to see if the priest has a soulstone or if a shaman has reincarnation up. The soulstoned priest or the reincarnated shaman can offer resurrections.

The raid leader will offer any new instructions and the rebuff process will take a few minutes. If a player did something wrong the first time, it may be announced in the Vent or raid channel.