World of Warcraft News for July: Faction Switching, Patch 3.2, Battle Bot Pet, and More

World of Warcraft News for July: Faction Switching, Patch 3.2, Battle Bot Pet, and More
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For anyone who follows World of Warcraft news, July has been a very interesting month. With announcement after announcement about all the amazing and interesting additions to the game coming with patch 3.2 including a new raid, battleground, mount and druid changes, and more, it’s becoming increasingly-difficult for players to contain their excitement.

Of course, the new patch hasn’t been the only exciting news of late. Keep reading for more information on a new limited-time-only pet and whispers that it may someday be possible for characters to switch between the Horde and Alliance factions.

Patch 3.2: Call of the Crusade

There are many amazing new additions coming to the game with the next patch, entitled Call of the Crusade. Jesma wrote an outstanding article covering the new Crusader’s Coliseum raid, new Isle of Conquest battleground, upcoming changes to emblems of heroism and valor, and the improvements being made in Lake Wintergrasp. Check out all these changes and more in her World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Preview.

Significant changes to the mount system as well as Hunter and Druid travel forms were recently announced. New players and low-level alts will be mounting up sooner than ever before. Full details can be found in our Guide to World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Mount and Travel Form Changes.

Travel form changes are not the only significant patch components that will affect Druids. Take a look at our

Night Elf Druid Epic Flight Form

guide to the New World of Warcraft Druid Forms announced as part of the new patch.

Patch 3.2 also brings with it a new holiday event to look forward to. Roughly equivalent to Thanksgiving, Pilgrim’s Bounty will take place near the end of November and has its own incoming set of holiday achievements for players to strive for.

Page two has more information on the exciting changes coming with patch 3.2, as well as information about the possibility of WoW players being able to switch factions and the new Battle Bot pet.

Patch 3.2 Continued

Cold Weather Flying Trainer

Good news for Engineers, 3.2 brings with it a slew of improvements for the Engineering profession sure to make it a more profitable and enjoyable profession.

Veteran players who enjoy purchasing heirloom items to increase the leveling speed of their low-level alts will be excited to learn that Blizzard is planning to introduce a Tome of Cold Weather Flying in the new patch, allowing characters who use it to learn Cold Weather Flying at level 68 and not be forced to explore Northrend on foot at all.

In other alt-related news, a slew of twink-related changes are coming in the next patch. New features such as the ability to switch off experience games for players wishing to remain at a certain level are discussed in Jesma’s great guide to Twinking Changes Coming in World of Warcraft Patch 3.2.

A final piece of 3.2 information: Tier 9 armor is being introduced with the patch, and Blizzard has posted a preview of several pieces at the official World of Warcraft site.

Faction Switching

Another major revelation recently announced was the possibility that faction switching may come to World of Warcraft. According to a forum post by Blizzard employee Nethaera, a system to allow Horde players to switch to Alliance and vice versa is currently under development. Players will have to switch races as well as factions, and can only switch to a race that allows their current class (Alliance Paladins can only become Blood Elf Paladins, etc…). Full details are available at the forum link, as well as 300+pages of discussion.

Battle Bot Pet

Battle Bot Pet

On a lighter note, World of Warcraft pet collectors were given an opportunity to pick up the limited-time-only Battle Bot Pet by signing up for the promotion at Players earn the pet simply for registering, and can earn fuel for it by logging onto the site on a daily basis.

Fueling your pet with either red or blue fuel allows in-game battling with pets containing the opposite color.

That’s our rundown of the major events happening in the World of Warcraft this month. Please let us know if there’s anything we missed in the comments section.