Step By Step Guide to Inscription in WoW: Trade Skill Guides for 3.2 and Beyond for The Most Popular MMORPG Including WoW3.2 Changes

Step By Step Guide to Inscription in WoW: Trade Skill Guides for 3.2 and Beyond for The Most Popular MMORPG Including WoW3.2 Changes
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Introduction to Inscription in WoW

Inscription was introduced along with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and has indeed changed quite a few aspects of the game with respect to class mechanics. Scribes can create glyphs that a person can “inscribe” or attach to his/her spellbook in order to enhance specific spells or abilities. If you choose Inscription as one of your main professions it is recommended to pick up herbalism along with it to smooth out the leveling process although it is not a necessity. Inscriptionists can also make shoulder enchants for themselves. In fact these shoulder enchants are amongst the best available in the game currently and more powerful than the ones you would get if you tried grinding reputation with “The Sons of Hodir”. All classes would get 3 major and 3 minor “Glyph slots” while Inscriptionists would get one additional Major Glyph slot for themselves as shown in the snapshot alongside. The additional one would be the one in the centre.

Enough with the introduction and let’s get down to the business of leveling your profession…

Getting Started - Inscription Materials to be Gathered

Approximate materials requried:

List of herbs that give the appropriate pigment type:

You can use [Milling] to mill 5 of a certain type of herb for 2 - 4 pigments.

[Alabaster Pigment] - Bloodthistle, Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot

[Dusky Pigment] / [Verdant Pigment] - Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp

[Golden Pigment] / [Burnt Pigment] - Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot

[Emerald Pigment] / [Indigo Pigment] - Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar’s Whiskers, Wintersbite

[Violet Pigment] / [Ruby Pigment] - Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas’Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood

[Silvery Pigment] / [Sapphire Pigment] - Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Plaguebloom, Icecap

[Nether Pigment] / [Ebon Pigment] - All Outland herbs.

[Azure Pigment] / [Icy Pigment] - All Northrend Herbs.

  • 110 Alabaster - giving herbs

  • 80 Dusky - giving herbs

  • 200 Golden - giving herbs

  • 210 Emerald - giving herbs

  • 160 Violet - giving herbs

  • 100 Silvery - giving herbs

  • 260 Nether - giving herbs

  • 380 Azure - giving herbs

Tip: You may need less or more amount of pigments or inks to achieve a certain skill level. So dont mill every herb you have. Mill them as and when required.

Inscription: 1 - 75

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Inscription.

Apprentice Inscription

Ivory Ink

1 - 19: Make 18 Ivory Ink

19 - 35: Use the Ivory Inks that you made and make 16 Scroll of Stamina

36 - 53: Make 22 of Moonglow Ink

54 - 75: Use the Moonglow Ink that you made and make 22 Armor Vellum. You can sell these to enchanters for some good profit.

Tip: There are a lot of other Glyphs and Scrolls at different skill ranges with the same amount of materials needed, so where you see [Glyph of …] for example, there you can choose between more recipes that are orange to you and requires the same amount of materials.

Inscription: 76 - 125

Journeyman Inscription

Virtuoso Inking Set

Visit one of the Inscription supplies vendor at any of the major cities and buy a “Virtuoso Inking Set”. Keep this in your bag at all times since it is needed to make almost all types of Iscription recipes and Glyphs.

76 - 80: Grab 40 of Dusky Pigment and make 20 Midnight Ink

81 - 100: Use the Midnight Inks that you made and make any Glyph that is orange to you and requires 1 Midnight Ink. Glyphs turn yellow after 10 points here, so then learn new recipes and choose another Glyph. 20 x [Glyph of….]

101 - 105: Make 60 of these - Lion’s Ink

106 - 120: Same as above. Use the Lion’s Ink that you made and make Glyphs that are orange to you and require only 1 Lion’s Ink. Glyphs turn yellow after 5 points here instead of 10, so once they do turn yellow, learn new recipes and choose another Glyph and continue till you reach 120.

121 - 125: Make any Glyph that is YELLOW to you, yes you read it right YELLOW. Orange recipes require 2 Inks instead of one, so at this point it’s better to make yellow recipes. You would probably need to make 5-7 Glyphs to reach 125.

Inscription: 126 - 200

Expert Inscription

126-133: Turn all your Burnt Pigment into Dawnstar Ink. If you don’t mill your own herbs and you don’t have Burnt Pigment, you can just make any Glyph between 125-140 that looks orange to you. But I would rather suggest you buy some herbs here anyway for Dawnstar Ink.

134 - 140: Use Dawnstar Ink along with Common Parchment that you can buy from Inscription vendors to make 8 Strange Tarrots.

141 - 150: Grab some Lion’s Ink that you made before and make 13 of these - Glyph of Lightning Bolts

151 - 155: Make 60 Jadefire Ink. Would need around 120 of _Emerald Pigment_s for this.

156 - 175: Choose between Glyphs and Scrolls that are orange to you and make 20 of them.

176 - 185:Turn all your Indigo Pigment into Royal ink and then make as many Arcane Tarrots as you can. This should get you to 185 or probably even more.

186 - 190: Use 10 Jadefire Inks and make 5 of these - Glyph of Sap. A glyph used by rogues will sell well generally.

191 - 200: Use 26 of Jadefire Inks and make 13 of Glpyh of Revenge.

Inscription: 201 - 290

Artisan Inscription

201 - 205: Here make 50 Celestial Ink. Save these since you would be using these uptil skill level 250.

206 - 210: Make 5 of these - Armor Vellum II. These can again be sold to enchanters for a good chunk of money.

Moonkin Druid

211 - 215: 5 x Glyph of Sinister Strike. Most combat rogues use this glyph while leveling so you would make most of your money back.

216 - 220: 5 of Glyph of Searing Pain here to get to 220.

221 - 225: Glyph of Starfire upto 225. This badboy is used by almost all Moonkin Druids. They sometimes are priced upwards of 25 gold a piece.

226 - 228: Grab some Ruby Pigment and make Fiery Ink until you reach 228. Would probably need to make around 12 of these.

229 - 230: Use some more of Celestial Ink and make 2 Scroll of Agility IV to get to 230

231 - 235: Make 5 of these - Glyph of Dispel Magic

236 - 247: Keep making Weapon Vellum II here until you hit 247. Again you would need around 12 to reach the skill point of 247.

248 - 250: 3 to 4 of Glyph of Cleaving to reach 250. A warrior glyph that will definetely sell for easy money.

251-255: Some more inks again. Getting tired huh? :) Well you’re not there yet so keep milling those herbs and make inks until you do. 25 x Shimmering Ink.

256 - 260: 5 x Scroll of Spirit II to get to 260.

261 - 275: Use 15 Shimmering Ink that you made previously and make orange Glyphs and Scrolls. Scrolls need 2 Parchments instead of one. 15 x [Glyph of …] or [Scroll of…]

276 - 285: 10 x Ink of Sky

286 - 290: 5 x Glyph of Sprint

Inscription: 291 - 350

Now you should go and visit a trainer at Outland or Northrend.

Master Inscription

291 - 305: Grab all the outland herbs you have and mill them to get Nether Pigment and Ebon Pigment. And keep making Ethreal Ink until you reach 305 skill level.

306 - 325: 20 x [Glyph of …]. Usually every Glyph turns yellow after you make 5 of them. Then you will be able to learn new ones which are orange. So you will have to make 4 different Glyphs for 20 skill points.

326 - 330: You will have a lot of Ebon Pigment if you milled your own herbs so turn all of them into Darkflame Ink. If you can’t reach 330 while making the inks, or you didn’t mill your own herbs, you can just make any Glyphs that are yellow to you.

331 - 345: 15 x [Glyph of …]. Same as above, choose the Glyphs you want to make and are orange to you. Every orange Glyph requires the same amount of materials at this point, so scan the Auction House and choose the appropriate ones that go for a higher price.

346 - 350: 5 x Glyph of Whirlwind. This is again one of those types of glyphs that will sell instantaneously. Warriors dig on them.

Inscription: 351 - 450

Grandmaster Inscription

351 - 355: 95 x Ink of Sea. Suggest you put on a pair of headphones and listen to your favourite music. This is gonna take a while…

The next batch would be scrolls. And lots of it. Keep in mind though that most of these scrolls dont sell very well on most servers. So if you can use it then you might as well do so while you are leveling. Or you could send some to your alts.

356 - 360: 5 of Scroll of Spirit VII.

361 - 365: 5 of Scroll of Intellect VII.

366 - 370: 5 of Scroll of Strength VII.

371 - 375: 5 of Scroll of Agility VII.

Herbs, LOTS of it.

376 - 380: Use up all the Icy Pigment you have and start making Snowfall Ink. Keep the extra Snowfall Ink for Northrend Inscription Research. You will need to research to learn most “Northrend” glyphs.

Keep in mind you are going to need a ton on Northrend herbs from here on. So lookout for cheap priced ones on the Auction House.

381 - 385: Choose any glyph that looks orange to you and make 7 of them till you reach 385.

386 - 386: At 385 you would be able to conduct “Northrend Inscription Research”. If you are not in a hurry I would suggest you keep doing them on a daily basis, (has a 20hr cooldown) for a few days/weeks. Or you could just do it once and proceed further.

387 - 400: Choose any one of the discovered Major Glpyhs and make around 25 of those till 400.

Another batch of scrolls. But these might actually sell well depending from server to server.

401 - 405: 5 of Scroll of Stamina VIII.

406 - 410: 5 of Scroll of Spirit VIII.

411 - 415: 5 of Scroll of Intellect VIII.

416 - 420: 5 of Scroll of Strength VIII.

421 - 430: 13 of Scroll of Agility VIII.

431 - 450: The best strategy here is to stop leveling Inscription at about skill 430, and simply conduct regular Northrend Inscription Research. Or if you are impatient to hit 450 you could continue to make scrolls or some of the other epic items available to you now, like Epic Off-hand equipped tomes, and the infamous Darkmoon Card of the North.

Tip: If you have the money or enough northrend herbs lying in your bank, convert them into Snowfall Ink and Ink of the Sea and make

Book of Glyph Mastery

a lot of Darkmoon Card of the North. This has a chance of giving a random card of either Noble, Undeath, Chaos or Prisms. You can combine these cards to make a deck of each type and sell them for insane amount of gold or sell them individually too.

Also keep on the lookout for Book of Glyph Mastery. These are random drops from all Northrend Instances that teach you a random Glyph that cannot be learnt otherwise by normal Inscription Research.

That’s all for now. Hope you liked this guide and could put it to use wherever possible. Do come back for more for more advanced tips and strategies on inscription and how to make good use of the profession to make lots of gold in your WoW career.