World of Warcraft First Aid for Patch 3.2 and Beyond

World of Warcraft First Aid for Patch 3.2 and Beyond
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Why Take First Aid?

Even classes that can heal should pick up the First Aid secondary profession. Slapping on a bandage is quicker and doesn’t use any mana. Plus, you may not always have the mana to waste. Bandages can be used on pets, minions, and friendly players and provide an extra boost to reducing downtime and leveling speed.

It’s important to note that cloth drops off of humanoid mobs - that doesn’t mean just humans, though. Kobolds, Centaurs, Quilboars, and Furbolgs are all considered humanoids. While it isn’t really necessary to farm cloth if you’re leveling your First Aid skill while questing, many players prefer to reach max level and then go back and pick up professions. Instances make great cloth-farming areas, and some are definitely better than others.

Apprentice First Aid - Level 1-75

Level 1-40: Linen Bandage

Level 41-80: Heavy Linen Bandage

Instance: Deadmines is chock-full of pirates and goblins and a couple of runs will likely provide more linen than you will ever need.

Journeyman First Aid - Level 76-150


Level 80-115: Wool Bandage

Level 116-150: Heavy Wool Bandage

Instance: Definitely the Stockades. Unfortunately, it’s located in the middle of an Alliance city, so the Horde may find a different location more to their liking. If so, try the furbolgs in north-western Ashenvale.

Expert First Aid - Level 151-225

Scarlet Monastery

Level 151-180: Silk Bandage

Level 181-210: Heavy Silk Bandage

Level 211-240: Mageweave Bandage

Instance: Scarlet Monastery is where you’ll be wanting to hang out during this phase. All four wings of the instance are just teeming with humanoids, most of whom would love to hand over their skivvies to you.

Artisan First Aid - Level 226-300


Level 241-260: Heavy Mageweave Bandage

Level 261-290: Runecloth Bandage

Level 290-300: Heavy Runecloth Bandage

Instance: Farming Runecloth is relatively easy in the high-humanoid-population instances of Eastern Plaguelands, Stratholme and Scholomance. For a mix of Mageweave and Runecloth, players may be better off targeting the Satyrs and Furbolgs of Felwood.

Master First Aid - Level 301-375

Ramparts Orc

Level 301-330: Unfortunately, you’re going to have to continue praying for points from Heavy Runecloth Bandages through this dry patch of a leveling period. Although the Powerful Anti-Venom recipe is available for those with Argent Dawn rep, you can’t count on points from it and farming the Huge Venom Sacs can be a real beast.

Level 331-350: Netherweave Bandages

Level 350-375: Frostweave Bandage

For some reason, the Frostweave pattern becomes available to you before Heavy Netherweave Bandages, which are really only good for 7 guaranteed skill points. Although you should go ahead and pick up the recipe, you may not ever have cause to use it.

Instance: Farming Netherweave cloth is ridiculously easy in the Hellfire Peninsula dungeons of Blood Furnace and Ramparts. The bad orcs inside are more than gracious in handing over stacks of the stuff for your use.

Grand Master First Aid - Level 376-450

Utgarde Keep

Level 376-400: Continue creating Frostweave Bandages until level 400, when you can switch to the next pattern.

Level 401-450: Heavy Frostweave Bandages

Instance: The Vrykul of Utgarde Keep, the first Howling Fjord dungeon, drop Frostweave, but most players have found that farming from the undead who litter the landscape of northern Sholazar Basin a far superior experience. Even better than that would be the mountains of Scourge encountered in Icecrown, for players at or near max level.


You’ve mastered the First Aid secondary skill, one of the feats required for the “Skills to Pay the Bills” achievement. Although 401 is the highest you will actually need to hit in order to have access to all patterns available through Wrath, don’t discount the idea of future expansions. When the next one hits, you don’t want to be scrambling to catch up so that you can train for all the new goodies involved!