WoW Profession Leveling Guides

WoW Profession Leveling Guides
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Gathering Professions - WoW Profession Leveling Guides


Mining: This profession requires the use of a pick, and the faster your mount is, the easier time you’ll have racing the competition to the spawn points. Mining in Azeroth is only tedious until Cataclysm; at that point, flying mounts will become available in old world content, making it that much easier to gain levels quickly in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Mining in Outland and Northrend is already a breeze once you have your epic flying.

Herbalism: Herbing requires no tools, but using the Track Herbs feature, combined with the fastest possible mount, will have you maxing your Herbalism in no time.

Skinning: In order to skin the beasts in WoW, you will need a skinning knife. Other than that, you’re golden! Skinning mobs becomes second nature while leveling or grinding, making this one of the easiest professions to level.

Crafting Professions from Mining and Herbalism


Engineering: Engineering can be a difficult and tedious profession to level, even though many of the toys and tools produced are quite fun. Make sure you follow a guide to make it as painless as possible. Engineering uses the ores obtained from mining.

Blacksmithing: Blacksmithing also uses ores and will require a Blacksmith Hammer for most recipes. The items crafted from this profession often sell quite well, and things like Belt Buckles, Enchanting Rods, and Keys have uses for many other characters.

Jewelcrafting: Jewelcrafting is one of the best high-level money-making professions around. Everyone needs gems for their end-game gear, and many players make thousands of gold just charging minimal fees to cut gems. The key is know which gems are in demand, and which recipes you can safely skip.

Alchemy: Herbalism is almost necessary for successful leveling of Alchemy, although transmutation recipes in the higher levels will take ores or elemental products.

Inscription: Inscription is the other profession that uses herbs for its trade. Herbs are ground and distilled into inks through the process of milling; inks are then used to make glyphs for each class. Scribes will always be making money, since the glyphs and scrolls they produce are in high player demand.

Other Crafting Professions


Tailoring: Tailoring requires no gathering skill, so it is often paired with either Enchanting or an unrelated profession. The bags and cloth armor created by Tailors sell very well throughout all levels.

Leatherworking: This skill is naturally paired with Skinning, since it uses the hides of beasts to make leather armor and other assorted items. Leather-wearing classes will enjoy making their own armor and will always have easy access to high-end armor for their class.

Enchanting: This skill is unique in that it provides its own materials; by disenchanting green or better gear and weapons, players create the shards and magic dusts necessary to enchant other gear. It is often paired with either Tailoring or an unrelated gathering skill. Enchanting is a notoriously difficult profession to level without help, making a profession leveling guide that much more useful.

Secondary Professions


First Aid: Making bandages and anti-venom is crucial to survival in the early levels, and helps to reduce downtime while grinding near end game. First Aid is actually really easy to power-level, if you know how to gather your materials ahead of time.

Cooking: Crafted food and drink will also help keep downtime to a minimum, and there are many recipes in the middle to last part of the game that will buff just about every attribute you might favor. Cooking also allows you to lay down feasts for your group, battleground, and raid members.

Fishing: Recent changes to the Fishing profession in WoW make it possible for players to level their fishing anywhere, not just in level-appropriate zones. Of course, the higher your skill, the better chance you have of catching your prey. The daily fishing quests are probably the best way to level this skill as you quest through Outland and Northrend.