World Of Warcraft Power Leveling: Why You Should Be Careful Using Cheap and Foreign Power Leveling Services

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Not all it’s cracked up to be…

When it comes to power leveling a toon, especially in the World of Warcraft, you do not just go out advertising to everyone on your server that you are doing it. In fact, you are as discreet as possible, sometimes even creating a brand new account just for one power leveled toon. You are completely careful, you change all your personal information so that no one who looks at your account can hack your identity and you change your password right away when the services are completed. For the most part, the vast majority of power leveling services that are based in foreign countries are legitimate and they do provide good services. They will level your toon to the exact level that you asked and paid for, and they will leave everything in tact and your gold in your account. Most will even leave a little bit extra for you as a perk.

But, what happens when you get with a bad power leveling company?

There are tons of companies out there that offer power leveling services that are not in any way, shape, or form out to really help any player. They are out to help themselves with making money. They offer both power leveling and gold selling services, and while just about every company does this - these certain companies do it for one reason, they can scam those who buy cheap power leveling services so that they can use the gold that they make from them to sell to other players. Here is what they do…

Joe Bob (**this name is made up) heads to a site that offers really cheap power leveling services. He is about level 45, and really wants to be to at least level 60 or 65 as soon as he can, but he just does not have the time to do it. So, he decides to use this company’s power leveling services since they are so cheap and they seem to offer a great guarantee if something goes wrong. He finds that they have tons of great reviews on their site from customers and can not seem to find many bad reviews online about them. So, he shells out over a hundred dollars (US) for their services to get his toon to level 65. He does not opt for any special services, such as reputation points, an epic mount, or extra gold - just power leveling.

He turns over all the information that they request to get to work on his leveling and assumes that all is well. The site gives him a time frame of when the leveling will be done and when he will be able to log back into his account. He is told that he will get an email when the leveling services are done and when he can get back in and play. So, he patiently waits for the email and when hegets it, he can not wait to log in and see his toon at level 65. He loads his favorite game, let’s say World of Warcraft, and sees that his toon is level 65. He can not wait to see what kind of goods he has and hit some of the higher level instances with his friends.

But - when he gets in and takes a look at his gear, he finds that his toon is stripped of all the epic and blue items that he had and that now he only has white and sometimes green gear. He has no gold, where he did have over 50 when he started. And, there is nothing in his bank or on the auction house or in his mail. He checks his other toons on the account and finds that all of the others were wiped out as well. None of them have any gold left, none of them have any good gear, and none are in the same shape that he left them.

Now what? You can’t really report them to Blizzard, after all, you were in the wrong to get power leveling services right? So what do you do? Most of the time, you complain to the power leveling site, but they will not refund any part of your money and you are pretty much stuck with a stripped toon that makes you mad every time you look at it.

Here is my point with this article - you get what you pay for. And, to top it off, you should follow the rules. It may be really tempting to purchase power leveling services and you may have used some in the past that are really good and didn’t do any of these things. But, you need to be extremely careful when it comes to foreign power leveling companies that you are not familiar with and do not know anything about. There are actually so many power leveling guides out on the market that you can buy for a fraction of the price that power leveling services cost and you will be doing the same things that the power level companies did to get you to that higher level. The only difference - they do it day in and day out, so they will be a bit faster, but you can do it too.

So, be careful if you decide to buy power leveling services and if you find your toon stripped out… you were warned in advance…