Horde Toon Power Leveling Guide

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The 5 secrets revealed…

Ok, you have been playing World of Warcraft for a while and you just are not where you think you should be when it comes to leveling. Maybe it’s because you are new to the game, or maybe you normally play Alliance, either way, you want to be a higher level now. Well, before you head out and buy an expensive power leveling guide that may, or may not, work for your class, here are 5 secrets that you can use to your advantage to help you power level like a pro and not worry about getting banned!

  1. Learn how to quest. Most players assume that you have to do every quest in every area to level fast. This is actually not true. There are some quests in the game that are really just a waste of time and you can actually skip them without any problem. You want to always take the quests that have you kill many mobs or that are easy, such as taking a package to another town. The quests that have you find and kill a specific mob are usually not worth it, unless you have other quests to do in the same area. But, you don’t have to do every single quest that is built into the game.

  2. Group your quests together and do them together. Start by looking at the areas that you need to go in your quests. If you have several in one area, then do those at the same time. This cuts down on your game time and allows you to do several things at once, and then turn them all in at the same time for massive xp. Power leveling companies know this tactic, and they use it to their advantage. This is probably one of the biggest secrets to power leveling.

  3. No matter what you think of Barrens chat – the Barrens is your friend. Some players simply avoid the Barrens because they can not stand the chat conversations in the Barrens (don’t ask me why, but all the odd people in the game want to chat there with weird, gross, or just downright rude conversations, and it’s widely known throughout the game). But, no matter which class you play, you always want to hit the Barrens somewhere between level 15-20. The majority of the quests here have you kill multiple mobs and give you good xp and good loot so you always want to hit here and quest – no matter what.

  4. Horde toons are easier to level. It is an unspoken, but widely known, secret that Blizzard likes the Horde best. You can see it in the quest lines, the cities, the gear, and pretty much everywhere in the game. For this reason, Horde toons are the easiest to power level. There are several spots in the Alliance leveling line where you have to grind a bit to hit the next level to gain those quests. There are no spots like that in the Horde leveling lines. So, you can rest assured that you won’t be grinding your way to the next level unless you just want to.

  5. Some areas of the game should be your best friends. Ok, beside the Barrens, there are several areas of the game where you should always quest so you can power level and make tons of gold at the same time. These areas are: Thousand Needles, Stonetalon Mountains, and Un’Goro Crater. (The Outlands is by far the best place, but until you can get there, these are your friends.) These three areas are filled to the brim with great quests that will allow you to level extremely fast if you group quests together and they also allow you to gather mats at an amazing speed. By gathering the wealth of mats in these three areas, you will also find that as your levels increase, so will your gold!

There you go… 5 major secrets to power leveling your Horde toon. Some players out there might know some of them, some might know all, but now you are in on the secrets and you can use them to help you power level a Horde toon in no time without using a company that can get you banned. Of course, there are several great guides on the market that can take you through the Horde leveling line, step-by-step, and if you would like to find out which ones are good and which are not… continue to read my posts and you’ll find out!