Free Alliance Leveling Guide: Levels 36-37

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Levels 36-37

You should be picking up this guide from where our last part of the series left off. So, head south and then west, but stay north of the river. Kill the basilisks that you come across for “Singing Blue Shards”. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all right now, there are more to the south.

Then, head south to the Thaski Ruins (coordinates 32.17) and the Bal’lal Ruins (coordinates 29.19) and kill the bloodscalp trolls there for “Bloodscalp Ears”. The Thaski Ruins have a better drop rate, but while you are waiting for them to respawn, you can hit Bal’lal.

Then head west of the Bal’lal Ruins and kill the basilisks that you find there for “Singing Blue Shards”.

When you have all the shards that you need, then head south to the haunted island at the coordinates 20.23 and it will say “complete” for “The Stone of the Tides”.

Then, hearth to Booty Bay and turn in “Singing Blue Shards”, but skip the rest of the chain.

Then, turn in “Investigate the Camp”, “Bloodscalp Ears” and “Hostile Takeover”.

Then, turn in “The Stone of the Tides” and get “Water Elementals” and turn in “Goblin Sponsorship” and get the fifth part to that chain.

Then, turn in “Supply and Demand” and get “Some Assembly Required”.

You should be at least ½ way to level 37 by now.

Then, fly to Ironforge and get any new skills and training and then fly to Menethil Harbor and make it your new home. Then get on the boat to Theramore.

If your first aid is at 225 (which it should be by now) go into the castle on the east side of town to Doctor VanHowzen and get “Triage”. The quest is really easy.

You will get your other bandage skills from here on up after you do this quest, such as Heavy Mageweave and Runecloth.

Then, fly to Gadgetzan and run to the Shimmering Flats and turn in “Parts for Fravel” and get “Delivery to the Gnomes”.

Then turn it in to Fizzle and then go turn in “Goblin Sponsorship” and get “The Eighteenth Pilot”.

Then, turn it in and get “Razzeric’s Tweaking.

Then, head back to the west side of the track and get “The Rumormonger”.

Then, hearth back to Menethil Harbor and fly to Southshore.

Head into the house that is just to the south of the flight path and buy a soothing spice.

Then, head into the Town Hall and turn in “Further Mysteries” and get “Dark Council” and “Noble Deaths”.

Make Southshore your new home.

Then, head to the back of the inn and get “Soothing Turtle Bisque”. You should still have the 10 turtle meats and the soothing spice, so you can turn this quest back in. If you don’t have all the turtle meats, then you can head to the river by Southshore and grind on the turtles there until you do.

Once that is completed, run to the path that head past Tarren Mill and go north into the Alterac Mountains at the coordinates 47.55 and kill the ogres that you find for “Crushridge Bounty”.

If the area is already wiped, you can head a bit more north and find ogres at the two caves that are on the map.

Then, grind your way up the road to the north toward Strahnbrad at the coordinates 60.43 and kill the syndicate that you find there for “Noble Deaths”. This is also a good place to kill the shadow mages for “Dark Council” instead of waiting to kill them in the camps later.

Grind your way to the house at the coordinates 39.16. Take out the first camp then grind anything else that is in your way that is not in the camp. When you get to the house, kill Nagaz for “Dark Council”.

Then, you should see a chest in front of the fireplace in the house where he was. Open it and get the Ensorcelled Parchment which will start that quest.

Make sure that you are at least 2 bars from level 37 before you hearth back to Southshore. If you aren’t, then grind on syndicates or ogres.

Hearth to Southshore and turn over and turn in “Crushridge Bounty” but skip the next part.

Then, turn in “Dark Council” and “Noble Deaths”. Then, turn in “The Ensorcelled Parchment” and get “Stormpike’s Deciphering”.