Dwarf Starting Area: Free Alliance Leveling Guide

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Dwarf Starting Area

Dwarfs start at Dun Morogh, along with Gnomes. This is a really easy starting zone, and you can generally finish it within 30 minutes or less and head out toward the next area.

Right in front of you will be a quest giver that will give you “Dwarven Outfitter”.

Then, head south and kill the wolves then head back and turn it in to get your class quest and “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery”.

Also get “A New Threat”

Then, head back south and kill the troggs for “A New Threat” and then go turn it in.

Now, head into Anvilmar and turn in your class skill quest which you got earlier.

Get “A Refugee’s Quandary” while you’re there.

Then, head out and follow the road to the south to turn in “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery” and get the second part to the chain. Also, pick up “The Boar Hunter”.

Then, start kill the boars and go turn in “The Boar Hunter”.

Then, head down to the coordinates 20.76 and get Felix’s Box, head to the coordinates 22.80 and get Felix’s Chest.

Then, head up to the coordinates 25.75 and turn in “Coldridge Valley mail Delivery” and get “The Troll Cave”.

Now, head down to the coordinates 26.79 and grab Felix’s Bucket of Bolts and go in and out of the cave until you finish “The Troll Cave”.

Then, go turn in “The Troll Cave” and get “The Stolen Journal”.

You should be around level 5 by now.

Head back down to the cave and at each different split in the cave go left. At the coordinates 30.80, you should see Grik’nir the Cold, who you will kill for “The Stolen Journal”.

Then, head back and turn in “The Stolen Journal” and get “Senir’s Observations” and “Scalding Mornbrew Delivery”.

Hearth and then run up to Anvilmar and turn in “A Refugee’s Quandary” and toward the back of the building, turn in “Scalding Mornbrew Delivery” and get “Bring Back the Mug”.

Get any new training before you leave.

Then, head back down to the coordinates 25.75 (everything is yellow here, so nothing will attack you), then turn in “Bring Back the Mub”.

Head toward the tunnel and turn in “Senir’s Observations” and get the second part to the quest.

Then, get “Supplies to Tannok”.

Head through the tunnel and kill troggs all the way through it. Then, follow the road to the coordinates 46.53 in kharanos and kill mobs on the way so that you are level 6 when you get there.

Save any boar ribs and boar meat that you get on the way.

Then, turn in “Senir’s Observations” at the coordinates 46.53

Then, in front of the inn, get the quest “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”.

Head into the inn and turn in “Supplies to Tannok”. Make the inn your new home and get rhapsody malt for “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”.

Get any new training or skills while you’re here, then head out of the inn and across the road and get “Tools for Steelgrill”.

Then, go into the left house and turn in “Tools for Steelgrill”.

Head out by the tree and get “Ammo for Rumbleshot”.

Then, go to the coordinates 44.56 and open the box for that quest.

Kill boars and bears while you are at this camp until you finish up the quests “Stocking Jetsteam” and “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”.

If you have any trouble finding the boars, just head to the coordinates 40.65, there are always a lot there.

Then, head into the grizzled den at about 42.54 and kill the wendingos until you get 8 manes for “The Grizzled Den”.

You will also need to head to 40.65 and turn in “Ammo For Rumbleshot”. Watch the scene that happens after the quest is turned in, it’s pretty cool. But, if you are doing a time run, then head off on the next quest.

Hearth back to Kharanos and turn in “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”.

Then, go into the house at the coordinates 45.49 and get “Operation Recombobulation”.

Then, run northeast to the coordinates 49.48 and turn in “Stocking Jetsteam” and get “Evershine”.

Turn in “The Grizzled Den”.

Now, run west to the coordinates 30.45 and turn in “Evershine” and get “A Favor for Evershine”, “The Perfect Stout, and “Bitter Rivals”.

Then, head northeast from there to find all the bears, leopards, and boars for “A Favor For Evershine”.

You should hit level 8 while you’re doing this part.

Then, kill troll seers and open the baskets at the coordinates 41.44 and 41.35 for “The Perfect Stout”. The drop rate on the baskets stinks, but the xp that you get from trying to get them is good.

Then, die on purpose so you end up at Kharanos.

Get the quest “Frostmane Hold”.

Head into the inn and get Thunder Ale from the innkeeper and then head down to the basement and give the ale to Jarven Thunderbrew. When he leaves, touch the barrel to turn in “Bitter Rivals” and then get “Return to Marleth”.

Get any new training and skills while you are here.

Now, head west to Brewnall Village at the coordinates 30.45 and turn in “The Perfect Stout” and “A Favor for Evershine” and get “Return to Bellowfiz” and “Shimmer Stout”.

Then, turn in “Return to Marleth”.

Head west of Brewnall and kill the leper gnomes you see until you finish “Operation Recombobulation”.

Now, head to the coordinates 24.50 and go into the cave and kill 5 headhunters and then explore the cave for “Frostmane Hold”. To complete the explore part, go in and stay to the right of the cave. It will curve around to the left and you will see a raised platform with mobs on it, all you have to do is get near it to complete the explore part of the quest.

Then, die on purpose so you will end up at Kharanos.

Then, turn in “Frostmane Hold” and get “The Reports”.

Now, head northwest to the house at the coordinates 45.49 and turn in “Operation Recombobulation”.

Then, head up to the coordinates 49.48 and turn in “Return to Bellowfiz”.

Now, go north and into Ironforge at the coordinates 53.35 and make it your home. The inn is at the coordinates 21.55.

Then, head to the coordinates 39.56 in Ironforge, behind the bank into the King’s Room and turn in “The Reports”.

Get on the tram at the coordinates at 76.51 and take it down to Stormwind.

Then, head to the coordinates 66.62 and get the flight path there.

To the left, get the quest “Kobold Candles”.

Then, head out of the inn and get “The Fargodeep Mine”.

In the Blacksmith house, get “Elmore’s Task”.

Then, go to the coordinates 42.67 and get “Gold Dust Exchange”.

Then, head south to the Fargodeep Mine at the coordinates 39.82 and kill the kobolds until you complete the following quests: “The Fargodeep Mine”, “Gold Dust Exchange”, and “Kobold Candles”. Make sure that you enter the mine from the lowest entrance so the quest “The Fargodeep Mine” is easier to complete.

Then, head to the Stonefield farm up the hill to the west and get “Lost Necklace”. You can skip “Princess Must Die!” because it is too hard at this level.

Then, head to the coordinates 43.90 and get “Young Lovers”.

Then, head back west to the coordinates 34.84 and turn in “Pie For Billy”. You can skip “Back to Billy”.

Then, head west on the river to the coordinates 29.85 and turn in “Young Lovers” and get “Speak with Gramma”.

Then, head back to the coordinates 34.84 and turn in “Speak to Gramma” in the house and get “Note to William”.

You should ding level 10 by now.

Then, head back to Goldshire.

Turn in “Kobold Candles” and “Note to William”. You can skip “Shipment to Stormwind” and “Collecting Kelp”.

Then, head out of the inn and turn in “The Fargodeep Mine”, you can skip “The Jasperlode Mine”.

Head south and turn in “Gold Dust Exchange”.

Now, head southwest to the coordinates 51.12 and turn in “Elmore’s Task” and get “Stormpike’s Delivery”.

Then, hearth to Ironforge and get any training and do your class' level 10 quest.

Then, hop the tram again and go to the coordinates 76.51 and get “Deeprun Rat Roundup”. You will collect 5 rats and then turn it in. You can skip this and keep the flute to piss people off by the bank if you want though… it is kind of funny. Skip “Me Brother, Nipsy” because the XP is not worth it.

Then, head east to the coordinates 68.55 and get “The Public Servant”.

Then, go behind him and get “Those Blasted Troggs!”

Head to below that and kill the troggs there and in the cave for both of the quests and then turn them in at the coordinates 68.55.

Then, head east to the coordinates 80.51 and follow the path into Loch Modan.

Go to the coordinates 22.73 and get “In Defense of the King’s Lands”.

Then, head up into the tower and get “The Trogg Threat”.

Now, head to the coordinates 33.50 and get the flight path there.

Now, look for the wandering guard and get “Rat Catching”.

Head to the coordinates 27.53 and kill troggs for “In Defense of the King’s Lands” and “The Trogg Threat”.

Then, head back and turn them both in.

Go up into the tower at the coordinates 24.18 and turn in “Stormpike’s Delivery”.

You should be level 12 by now, or close to it. You should be able to grind until you are.

You can now head to the main leveling path.

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