Human Starting Zone: Free Alliance Leveling Guide

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Human Starting Zone

Humans start in Elywnn Forest, which is actually pretty poorly designed compared to the rest of the starting zones. You don’t have to do every quest here, since some are really hard if you don’t have a group. If you find that you are having trouble with this zone, you can actually take your human to the gnome/dwarf starting area if you want to.

1.Get “A Threat Within” and go turn it in to get “Kobold Camp Cleanup”.

2.Then, go back out and get “Welcome!” at the wagons.

3.Head to the northwest corner of the building and get “Wolves Across the Border”.

4.Then, go do “Kobold Camp Cleanup” and “Wolves Across the Border” and go turn them in.

5.Get “Simple Letter” and “Investigate Echo Ridge”.

6.Head to your trainer and turn in “Simple Letter” and get any training you can.

7.Then, on your way out of the building, get “Brotherhood of Thieves”.

8.Head to the cave at the coordinates 47.32 and kill the kobold workers for “Investigate Echo Ridge”.

9.Then, head west and kill the defias until you finish “Brotherhood of Thieves”. If you aren’t level 4 by now, then grind until you are.

10.Go turn in “Brotherhood of Thieves” and get “Milly Osworth” and “Bounty on Garrick Padfoot”.

11.Turn in “Investigate Echo Ridge” and get “Skirmish at Echo Ridge”.

12.Get any new skills or training you can.

13.Then, head outside to the back of the building and turn in “Mily Osworth” and get “Milly’s Harvest”.

14.Head back over to the Defias camp and do “Milly’s Harvest”. Be careful here not to aggro too many of the mobs around the grapes or you will have a hard time finishing this quest.

15.Then, find and kill Garrick Padfoot for that quest.

16.Head back and turn in “Milly’s Harvest” and get “Grape Manifest”.

17.Head back up to the cave and do “Skirmish at Echo Ridge”.

18.Then, turn in “Bounty on Garrick Padfoot” and “Skirmish at Echo Ridge” and get “Report to Goldshire”.

19.Then, head to the top of the staircase and turn in “Grape Manifest”.

20.Then, head up to the coordinates 45.47 and get “Rest and Relaxation”.

21.If you are not level 6 by now, grind until you are as you head toward Goldshire.

22.Make Goldshire your new home and get “Kobold Candles”.

23.Turn in “Rest and Relaxation” and “Report to Goldshire”.

24.Get “The Fargodeep Mine” and any new skills or training while you’re here.

25.There are several profession trainers here in Goldshire, so you can pick up what you want or wait.

26.Then, head south to the coordinates 39.82 to the Fargodeep Mine and do all the three quests there: “The Fargodeep Mine”, “Gold Dust Exchange”, and “Kobold Candles”. Make sure that you go into the lower entrance because it makes doing these quests easier.

27.When you get these three quests done, head up to the Stonefield farm and get “Lost Necklace”. Skip “Princess Must Die” - it is too hard to solo.

28.Now, head east to the Maclure Vineyard and get “Young Lovers”.

29.Got turn in “Lost Necklace” and get “Pie for Billy”. Then, kill boars until it’s done.

30.Then turn in “Young Lovers” and get “Speak with Gramma”.

31.Head back to the Maclure Vineyard and turn in “Speak with Gramma” and go into the house and get “Note to William”.

32.Then, turn in “Back to Billy” and get “Goldtooth”.

33.Now, head back to the bottom entrance to the mine and go do “Goldtooth”. You should hit level 7 sometime while you are doing this one. Turn in “Goldtooth” and complete the necklace quest.

34.Hearth to Goldshire and turn in “Kobold Candles” and get “Shipment to Stormwind”.

35.Turn in “Note to William” and get “Collecting Kelp”.

36.Then, go turn in “Fargodeep Mine” and get “The Jasperlode Mine”.

37.Turn in “Gold Dust Exchange” and get “A Fishy Peril”.

38.Then, turn it in and get “Further Concerns”.

39.Kill murlocs around the lake at the coordinates 51.65 and get “Collecting Kelp”

40.Then, grind your way to the Jasperlode mine at the coordinates 61.53 and get through it about half way to the coordinates 60.50 for “The Jasperlode Mine”.

41.Then, head out of the mine, and run to the bridge at the coordinates73.72 and turn in “Further Concerns” and get “Find the Lost Guards” and “Protect the Frontier”.

42.Then, stop at the house that is northeast of the bridge at the coordinates 79.68 and get “Red Linen Goods”.

43.Now, at the middle of the camp at the coordinates 81.66, get “A Bundle of Trouble” and get any wood that you see to the north of the camp for this quest. You should find the wood lying all over the ground.

44.Then, head west of the waterfall at the coordinates 72.60 and find the body and turn in “Find the Lost Guards” and get “Discover Rolf’s Fate”. If you aren’t level 8 by now, then grind a bit until you are.

45.Then, head to the murloc camp at the coordinates 79.55 and loot the body there. This is actually a pretty hard part, and if you find that you can’t do it, then find a group but there are usually other players here anyhow. Turn in “Discover Rolf’s Fate” and get “Report to Thomas”.

46.Then, head south to the coordinates 81.66 and turn in “A Bundle of Trouble”.

47.Now, head across the road and a bit southeast and finish up killing the bears and wolves for “Protect the Frontier”. The bears are a bit scarce, so you may have to search a bit for them.

48.Then, head back to the coordinates 73.72 and turn in “Protect the Frontier” and “Report to Thomas” and get “Deliver Thomas' Report”.

49.Then, head down to the pumpkin patch at the coordinates 69.78 and kill the Defias that you find there for “Red Linen Goods”.

50.While you are here, you may find Furlbrow’s Deed, just keep it for now.

51.Then, head back to the coordinates 79.68 and turn in “Red Linen Goods”, which should put you at, or over, level 9.

52.Then, stop at the bridge once more and get “Report to Gryan Stoutmantle”. You have to be level 9 to get this quest, so if you aren’t, then grind it out.

53.Then hearth to Goldshire.

54.Turn in “Collecting Kelp” and get “The Escape”.

55.Then turn in “The Jasperlode Mine” and “Deliver Thomas' Report”. You can skip “Cloth and Leather Armor”, but get “Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!”.

56.Then, get “Elmore’s Task” and train and get new skills and abilities.

57.Then, head to the MacLure Vineyard and turn in “The Escape”.

58.Now, head northwest to the coordinates 24.74 and turn in “Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!” and get “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty”.

59.There is another quest here on the sign, “WANTED: Old Hogger”. This quest is really hard, and you can skip it unless you have a good group or a high level friend that can help you.

60.Now, head south on the road and start killing gnolls for the “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty”. They also drop a gold schedule that starts a quest.

61.Then, go back and turn in “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty”.

62.Follow the road west into Westfall.

63.Head to the coordinates 59.19 and turn in “Furlbrow’s Deed” if you have it.

64.Then, get “Westfall Stew”, but skip “Poor Old Blanchy”.

65.Then, go into the house and turn in “Westfall Stew”.

66.Now, head to the coordinates 56.47 and turn in “Report to Gryan Stoutmantle”.

67.Then, turn in “A Swift Message” in the tower and get “Continue to Stormwind”.

68.Now, fly to Stormwind and turn in “Shipment to Stormwind”, “Continue to Stormwind”, and “Elmore’s Task” and get “Dungar Longdrink” and “Stormpike’s Delivery”.

69.Then, go train and get your level 10 class quest and go do it.

70.Then, head to the coordinates 66.62 and turn in “Stormpike’s Delivery” and get “Return to Lewis”.

71.Fly back to Westfall and turn in “Return to Lewis”.

72.Then go back to Stormwind and into the bar at the coordinates 74.37 and get “Bartleby the Drunk” then go hand it in and get “Beat Bartleby”.

73.You have to fight Bartleby and then talk to him again to get “Bartleby’s Mug”. Then go turn it in and head to the tram at the coordinates 63.8 and take it to Ironforge.

74.When it stops, get “Deeprun Rat Roundup” and collect the 5 rats and turn it in. You can skip this and keep the flute if you want, it doesn’t really matter. But, skip “Me Brother, Nipsy” because it isn’t worth the time or the xp.

75.Then, get the flight point at the coordinates 55.47.

76.You should be really close to level 11 by now, so head out of Ironforge and head to Dun Morogh.

77.Go east to the coordinates 68.55 and get “The Public Servant” and “Those Blasted Troggs!”.

78.Now, head to the pit below and kill the troggs there then turn those quests back in and head east to the coordinates 80.51 and follow the path into Loch Modan.

79.Head to the coordinates 22.73 and get “In Defense of the King’s Lands”.

80.Head up in the tower and get “The Trogg Threat”.

81.Then, go to the coordinates 33.50 and get the flight point and find the wandering guard to get “Rat Catching”.

82.Then, head to the coordinates 27.53 and do “In Defense of the King’s Lands” and “The Trogg Threat”.

83.Then, go back and turn them in along with “Stormpike’s Delivery”.

84.You should be level 12 by now or really close to it. If not, grind it out.

Then, head to the main leveling path.

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