The Draenei Starting Area: Free Power Leveling Guide

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Finishing Up The Draenei Starting Zone

Darkshore – the next leveling part for Draenei:

1.Head into the inn and make it your new home, then grab the flight point.

2.Get “Washed Ashore” (yes, it is a grey quest, but if you do not do it, you can’t get other quests here), “Fruit of the Sea”, “WANTED: Murkdeep”, “Cave Mushrooms”, and “The Absent Minded Prospector Pt.1”.

3.Head to the coordinates 37.40 and turn in “The Way to Auberdine” and get “Onward to Ashenvale”

4.Go into the last house before you leave town and get “The Tower of Althalaxx Pt.1”

5.Now, head southwest to the coordinates 36.51 and loot the creature there. Then, turn in “Washed Ashore” and get the next part to the chain.

6.On the dock, take a left and jump into the water to the coordinates 31.46 and get the remains of the turtle there and then take it back to Gwennyth to complete the next part of the chain. Then, you can grab the rest of the quests that are in the zone.

7.Now, go to the coordinates 44.20 and get the beached sea turtle. Kill all the reef crawlers for “Fruit of the Sea”

8.Then, head to the coordinates 53.18 for another beached sea turtle.

9.Now, head to the tower on the map at the coordinates 54.24 to Shadowstrike and turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx Pt.1” and get the second part.

10.Then, go around the tower and kill mobs for the papers (but do not go into the tower yet) and then head back to Shadowstike to turn in the second part of “The Tower of Althalaxx”.

11.Now, head up the path to the coordinates 54.32 and get the mushrooms for “Cave Mushrooms”.

12.Go back to Auberdine and turn in “Fruit of the Sea” and any other creatures to Gwennyth.

13.Turn in “Cave Mushrooms” and get “Onu”.

14.From here you can head to the main leveling path. (You won’t have all the chain quests, since some are gotten in different areas, but that it ok.)

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