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The Blood Elves

For those who have the Burning Crusade expansion pack, you probably already know that the Blood Elves starting zone is in Eversong Woods. Here is the fastest way to get your Blood Elf hunter through the noob starting zone and on to the main leveling path:

The Starting Zone

1.Your first quest will be “Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle”, so head out and do it and then come turn it back in.

2.Get “Unfortunate Measures” and whatever class quest is waiting.

3.Turn in your class quest, which usually takes you to the class trainer here – and get “Well Watcher Solanian”.

4.Go up the spiral ramp and turn in “Well Watcher Solanian”.

5.Accept the following quests also: “The Shrine of Dath’Remar” and “Solanian’s Belongings”. Jump down from the ramp and accept the quest: “A Fistful of Silvers” and “Thirst Unending”.

6.Go out and do: “Thirst Unending”, “A Fistful of Silvers”, “Unfortunate Measures”, and “Solanian’s Belongings” together.

7.Go back and turn them all in and get the quest “Report to Lanthan Perilon”.

8.Since you should be level 4 now, get all the new spells and abilities that are available.

9.Turn in “Report to Lanthan Perilon” and get the quest “Aggression”.

10.Now, head out and do “Aggression” and “The Shrine of Dath’Remar”.

11.Turn in “Aggression” and get the quest “Felendren the Banished”.

12.While you are doing “Felendren the Banished”, you should find an item that will give you the quest “Tainted Arcane Silver”.

13.Head back and turn in “Felendren the Banished” and get the quest “Aiding the Outrunners”.

14.Turn in “Tainted Arcane Silver” and “The Shrine of Dath’Remar”.

15.Now you can head out of the noob zone here in Eversong Woods!

16.Go turn in “Aiding the Outrunners” and get “Slain by the Wretched”.

17.On down the path, you’ll turn in “Slain by the Wretched” and get “Package Recovery”.

18.Head back down the path and turn in “Package Recovery” and get “Completing the Delivery”.

19.Go to Falconwing Square and get all the quests there which are “Major Malfunction”, “Unstable Mana Crystals”, and “Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer” (which is on the wanted sign).

20.Turn in “Completing the Delivery” at the inn and make it your home.

21.Upstairs, you’ll find the first aid trainer.

22.Now, go out and do the following quests: “Major Malfunction”, “Unstable Mana Crystals”, “Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer”.

23.Once you have all of these done, turn them all back in and get “Delivery to the North Sanctum” and “Darnassian Intrusions”.

24.Go south and get the quest “Roadside Ambush”, then go a north and turn in the quest “Delivery to North Sanctum” and get “Malfunction at the West Sanctum”.

25.Head west and turn in “Malfunction at the West Sanctum” and get “Arcane Instability”

26.Do “Arcane Instability” and then “Darnassian Intrusions”. While you are doing these quests, you should find “Incriminating Documents” while you’re killing the Darnassian Scouts.

27.Head back and turn in “Arcane Instability” and “Darnassian Intrusions”.

28.Accept the quest “Fish Heads, Fish Heads”, which you’ll get down the west path.

29.Do the “Fish Heads, Fish Heads” quest and while you’re doing this one, you’ll find the item which will start the quest “Captain Kelisendra’s Lost Rudders”.

30.Turn in “Fish Heads, Fish Heads” and get “The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll”.

31.Head southeast and turn in “Captain’s Kelisendra’s Lost Rudders” and get “Grimscale Pirates” and “Lost Armaments”.

32.Then go to Fairbreeze Village and make it your new home.

33.Accept all quests at Fairbreeze Village, “The Wayward Apprentice”, “Pelt Collection”, and “Situation At Sunsail Anchorage”.

34.Go north and turn in “Roadside Ambush” and get “Soaked Pages”.

35.Then head out and do “Soaked Pages” - you’ll find the Grimoire in the water just south of the bridge.

36.Turn it in and get “Taking the Fall”

37.Then head to Falconwing Square and turn in “Incriminating Documents” and get “The Dwarven Spy”.

38.Go north to the North Sanctum and do “The Dwarven Spy”.

39.Head back to Falconwing Square and turn in “The Dwarven Spy”.

40.Get any new spells/abilities since you should be level 8 by now.

41.Go east and get “The Dead Scar” and turn it in.

42.Go to Stillwhisper Pond and turn in “Taking the Fall” and get “Swift Discipline”.

43.Then, go southeast to Farstrider Retreat and get all the quests there: “Amani Encroachment”, “The Magister’s Apprentice”, and “The Spearcrafter’s Hammer”.

44.Go south west and turn in “The Wayward Apprentice” and get “Corrupted Soil”.

45.Do it and then turn it back in.

46.Get “Unexpected Results” and then turn it in and get “Research Notes”.

47.Hearth to Fairbreeze Village and get “The Scorched Grove” and “Ranger Sareyn”.

48.Turn in “Research Notes” and get “Saltheril’s Haven”.

49.Go out and west, killing any cats that you find for the “Pelt Collection” quest, and go to Saltheril’s Haven to turn in that quest.

50.Get “The Party Never Ends”

51.Head back to the shore and do “The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll” and “Grimscale Pirates”. While you are fighting Mmmrrrggglll, make sure that you can use your silence ability as a hunter so he can’t heal himself. You will also need to have some healing potions available too.

52.Go and turn in “The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll”.

53.Then, go south to Sunsail Anchorage and do “Lost Armaments” and “Situation at Sunsail Anchorage”.

54.Once you have completed “Lost Armaments” head back and turn it and “Grimscale Pirates” in.

55.Get “Wretched Ringleader”. This guy is in the building in Sunsail Anchorage at the very top. You’ll have to focus your fire and spells on him, grab his head, and run like heck out of there.

56.Turn in “Wretched Ringleader”.

57.Then finished up “Pelt Collection”.

58.Head to Fairbreeze Village and turn in the following quests: “Pelt Collection”, “Ranger Sareyn”, and “Situation at Sunsail Anchorage”.

59.Get “Missing in the Ghostlands” and “Defending Fairbreeze Village”.

60.Go to the general goods vendor and get a Bundle of Fireworks for “The Party Never Ends” quest.

61.Now, head north to find Apprentice Meledor to discipline for the “Swift Discipline” quest.

62.A bit further north, you’ll find Apprentice Ralen for the “Swift Discipline” quest.

63.Now, you can head to Stillwater Pond and turn in “Swift Discipline”.

64.You should be at least level ten by now. All classes have a level ten quest, so you should do it. For the hunter, here is what you do:

65.Go to Farstrider Retreat and get “Taming the Beast”

66.While you’re here, stop at the food and drink vendor for “Springpaw Appetizers” for “The Party Never Ends Quest”.

67.Do all three parts to the “Taming the Beast” quest, which will have you tame a Elder Springpaw, a Mistbat, and a Crazed Dragonhawk. You’ll find the Mistbat on your way to the Ghostlands.

68.Make sure that you go into the Ghostlands and turn in “Missing in the Ghostlands” and get “The Fallen Courier”.

69.Tame your Mistbat and then use him to do “The Fallen Courier”.

70.***Here is a tricky part – your Mistbat will only be tamed for 15 minutes (you can dismiss this one and tame another before you head back so the timer will reset for the “Taming the Beast” quest), so do the following two quests fast:

71.Go turn in “The Fallen Courier” and get “Delivery to Tranquillen”.

72.Now, head west, doing “Defending Fairbreeze Village” on the way, and at the big Runestone, get the quest “Powering our Defenses”.

73.Find the Runestone in the east and turn in “Powering our Defenses”.

74.Now, go back to Farstrider Retreat and turn in “Taming the Beast” and get “Beast Training”.

75.Head up into Silvermoon City.

76.Find Vinemaster Suntouched and get “Suntouched Special Reserve” for “The Party Never Ends”.

77.Head to the Pet trainer here and turn in “Beast Training”. You’ll get new spells and abilities here too.

78.Head out of Silvermoon City and go east, find and tame an Elder Springpaw for your first pet that you’ll actually keep and get Claw Rank 2 for the skills.

79.Turn in “The Magister’s Apprentice” and get “Deactivating the Spire” and “Where’s Wylithen?”.

80.Do “Deactivating the Spire” and while you’re doing it, you’ll find Magister Duskwither’s journal on the table for the quest “Abandoned Investigations”.

81.Go north and turn in “Where’s Wylithen?” then get and do “Cleaning Up The Grounds” and then turn it in.

82.Turn in “Deactivating the Spire” and get “Word from the Spire”.

83.Go to Farstrider Retreat and turn in “Word from the Spire” and “Abandoned Investigations”.

84.Go do “Amani Encroachment” and “The Spearcrafter’s Hammer”

85.While you’re doing these quests, you’ll find the quest “Zul’Marosh” and accept it.

86.Swim across the lake and kill the Chieftan Zul’Marosh and he will drop Amani Invasion Plans which will give you the quest “Amani Invasion”.

87.Turn in “Zul’Marosh” at the troll.

88.Go back to Farstrider Retreat and turn in “Amani Encroachment”, “Amani Invasion”, and “The Spearcrafter’s Hammer”.

89.Get the quest “Warning Fairbreeze Village”.

90.Hearth to Fairbreeze and turn in “Warning Fairbreeze Village” and “Defending Fairbreeze Village”.

91.Then, turn in “The Party Never Ends”. The reward item for this quest, which is Saltheril’s Haven Party Invitation only allows you to pick up the party goods on the tables at the party, but it doesn’t do anything else.

92.Head out and turn in “The Scorched Grove” and get “A Somber Task”.

93.Do “A Somber Task” and while you’re doing it, make sure that you find and kill Old Whitebark since he drops the Old Whitebark’s Pendant that will start the quest “Old Whitebark’s Pendant”.

94.When you have done “A Somber Task” and “Old Whitebark’s Pendant” go turn them both in and get “Whitebark’s Memory”.

95.Do it and turn it in.

96.Now go turn in “Powering Our Defenses”.

97.You are now done with Eversong Woods and you can go back to Silvermoon City to go to Orgimmar and to the Crossroads!

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