How to Power Level a Tauren in World of Warcraft

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The Tauren

The Tauren start in Mulgore and you will level to ten here as well. Once you pass level ten, you can head on to the main leveling path along with the other classes.

Levels 1-10

1.Tauren players will start in Camp Narache.

2.Get “The Hunt Begins” from the NPC right in front of you.

3.Then, go do it. While you’re doing it, go southeast and find the water well at the coordinates 49.81 and get “A Humble Task”.

4.Then, turn in “The Hunt Begins” and “A Humble Task”.

5.Get “Etched Note” (some classes will have “Simple Note” or other note quest to talk to their class trainer), “The Hunt Continues”, and “Rites of the Earthmother”.

6.Then, turn in your “Etched Note” or other “note” quest.

7.Go do “Rites of the Earthmother” and “The Hunt Continues”. Both are done to the south of Camp Narache. Rites is done at the coordinates 42.92. Grind as you do these quests for xp.

8.Turn in “Rites of the Earthmother” and get “Rite of Strength”.

9.Grind on cougars on your way back to Camp Narache so that you are really close to level 4 when you get there.

10.Turn in “The Hunt Continues”

11.Get “The Battleboars” and “Break Sharptusk”.

12.You should be level 4 now, so get any new spells/abilities while you’re there.

13.Then, go to Bramblebine Ravine at the coordinates 57.85 and do “The Battleboars” and grind until you are about level 5.

14.Then, go to Camp Narache and turn in “The Battleboars”.

15.Head back to Bramblebine Ravine and do “Break Sharptusk” and “Rite of Strength”. You’ll find Sharptusk at the large tent in the back of Bramblebine Ravine.

16.Hearth back to Camp Narache and turn in “Break Sharptusk” and “Rite of Strength”.

17.Get “Rites of the Earthmother” again.

18.Get any new spells/abilities while you’re there and then head out of Camp Narache.

19.On your way to Bloodhoof Village, get “A Task Unfinished”.

20.Follow the road into Mulgore and down into Bloodhoof Village.

21.In Bloodhoof Village, turn in “Rites of the Earthmother” and “A Task Unfinished”.

22.Make Bloodhoof Village your new home.

23.Get all the quests there: “Sharing the Land”, “Poison Water”, “Swoop Hunting”, “Rite of Vision”, “Dwarven Digging”, and “Mazzranache”.

24.Then go do all of the following quests in any order: “Poison Water”, “Swoop Hunting”, “Sharing the Land”, and “Rite of Vision”.

25.When you get a couple of them completed, turn them in until you have them all done.

26.Turn all the quests in that you’ve done and get “Winterhoof Cleansing”, “Rite of Vision”, and “Kyle’s Gone Missing”.

27.Go do “Winterhoof Cleansing”, “Rite of Vision”, “Kyle’s Gone Missing” (you’ll have to kill an adult plainstrider for the meat, and Kyle runs in a big circle through the village).

28.While you’re doing these quests, you should come across an NPC that walks the road to the Barrens that will give you the quest “The Ravaged Caravan”.

29.Turn in all the quests that you’ve finished and get “Thunderhorn Totem”.

30.Go do “The Ravaged Caravan”, “Thunderhorn Totem”, and “Dwarven Digging”.

31.Then turn them in and get any new quests that are available.

32.Get any new spells and abilities as well as first aid (in the inn) and cooking (in the larger hut).

33.Then, head to Thunder Bluff and get the flight path there. You can get any new quests that you’d like there, or you can go back to Bloodhoof Village and head to the Barrens and on to the main leveling path.

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