Orc Power Leveling Guide - Levels 1-10

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The Orcs

The Orcs start in Durotar, in the same starting area as the Trolls. Do every quest in the noob zone to level as high as you can before you leave. Here is the fastest way to level your troll hunter through the noob zone and on to the main power leveling path:

Orc Leveling Path

1.When you start the game, go straight forward and take the first quest that takes you into the only building in the noob zone.

2.Turn in this first quest and accept “Cutting Teeth”.

3.While you are out completing this quest, hit level two and then go to the left and find the troll lying on the ground under the tree and accept his quest “Sarkoth”. You’ll find Sarkoth to your left, up a small ravine in the side of the bluff. When you get half way up the ravine, slow down, as he is the only non-pvp Scorpid here who will attack you. He will be on your right side when you top the ravine and he is the only black Scorpid here also.

4.Turn in “Sarkoth” and accept the second part of the “Sarkoth” quest.

5.Then, go and turn in “Cutting Teeth” and the second part of “Sarkoth” as these both go to the same person.

6.Then, accept the following quests to do together: “Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise”, “Sting of the Scorpid”, “Vile Familiars”, and “Lazy Peons”. All of these quests can be done in the same area, at the same time. The Cactus Apples are on the cacti that have red flowers, the Scorpid Workers are over to the left of the noob zone, the Vile Familiars are at the back (north) of the noob zone, and the Lazy Workers are all around the outer edges of the noob zone (you can see them by the “ZZZZZZ” rising above their heads).

7.Once you have completed all of these quests, return to the starting point and turn them all in. Make sure that you sell any items that you have picked up along the way so that you can train. Once you have turned in the quests and sold your items, pick up any new spells or abilities that are offered.

8.Accept these quests: “Burning Blade Medallion” and “Thazz’ril’s Pick”. These two quests are done in the cave behind the area where the Vile Familiars are at the back (north) of the noob zone. You will find the Medallion by taking the right side of the paths and killing an Orc deep in the back of the cave. You will find the pick in the room with all the waterfalls. Once you have completed both of these quests, use your hearthstone to get back to the starting point.

9.Turn in these quests, sell your extra items and accept “Report to Sen’jin Village”.

10.Now you’re ready to leave the noob zone.

11.Head down south to Sen’jin Village accepting these quests on the way: “A Peon’s Burden” and “Thwarting Kolkar Aggression”.

12.When you get to Sen’jin Village, turn in “Report to Sen’jin Village”.

13.Accept all of the quests here: “A Solvent Spirit”, “Practical Prey”, “Minshina’s Skull”, “From the Wreckage”, and “Zalazane”. **NOTE: Wait to do “A Solvent Spirit”. Don’t do it by Sen’jin Village, as there is another area that has more mobs and another quest that can be completed at the same time.

14.Don’t start on any of your quests yet, but instead, head up to Razor Hill, grinding as you go until you hit level 6 so you can get new spells/abilities from the trainer there.

15.Accept all the quests at Razor Hill: “Vanquish the Betrayers”, “Encroachment”, “Break a Few Eggs”, “Dark Storms”, and “Carry Your Weight” (this one is found at the watch tower up to the north of Razor Hill).

16.Go into the Inn at Razor Hill and make it your home so you can hearth back here.

17.Find the First Aid trainer and get the secondary skill.

18.Then head out to the southwest and do “Vanquish the Betrayers” and “Carry Your Weight”. These two are done at Tiragarde Keep.

19.After you kill Benedict for the “Vanquish” quest, take his key and head out and up the open stairs. At the top of the landing and across the landing, you’ll see a chest. Use the key to open the chest and get the note that will give you the quest “The Admiral’s Orders”.

20.Head back to Razor Hill and turn in “Vanquish the Betrayers”, “Carry Your Weight”, and “The Admiral’s Orders”.

21.Now, go back out of Razor Hill and to the south and do “A Solvent Spirit” and “From the Wreckage”.

22.Once these two are completed, go up and past Razor Hill to the north to do the first half of “Encroachment” until you are level eight (8). Then, go to Razor Hill and turn in “From the Wreckage” and get any new skills/abilities.

23.Run down to the south and do “Thwarting the Kolkar Aggression” and turn it in.

24.Now, head down to the southeast to the islands off the coast and do “Break a Few Eggs”, “Practical Prey”, “Minshina’s Skull”, and “Zalazane”. (You’ll find Minishina’s Skull on the small hill that Zalazane walks up and down.)

25.Once you have all of these quests completed, die on the island so you’ll end up right outside of Sen’jin Village. Resurrect with the Spirit Healer and go into Sen’jin Village and turn in “Practical Prey”, “Minishina’s Skull”, and “Zalazane”. Save the quest reward from Zalazane - “Faintly Glowing Skull” - for a quest later on called the “Burning Shadows”.

26.Use your hearthstone and go to Razor Hill.

27.Turn in the quest “Break a Few Eggs” then go north and do the second half of “Encroachment”.

28.Before you go back to Razor Hill, go to the little hut and accept the quest “Lost But Not Forgotten”.

29.Go up and get the quest “Winds in the Desert” from the Goblin at the end of the long ravine, grinding along the way. Do “Winds in the Desert” and when you turn it in, accept the quest “Securing the Lines”.

30.Head back to Razor Hill, grinding along the way until you reach level 10.

31.At Razor Hill, turn in “Encroachment” and get any new spells/abilities that are available.

32.Get the pet quests for “Taming the Beasts” and do all three. You can find the Molted Boar south of Razor Hill, the Surf Crawler north and east of Razor Hill, and Armored Scorpid north west of Razor Hill.

33.Turn these quests in and then accept “Taming the Beasts” and go north east until you can find an Encrusted Surf Crawler for your first actual pet. When you tame it, you’ll get Claw Rank 2 right away.

34.Go west from here and accept “Need for a Cure”.

35.Head to Origimmar and turn in “Taming the Beasts” at the Hunter trainer.

36.Turn in the second part of “The Admiral’s Orders” in Thrall’s Chamber and accept “Hidden Enemies” from him.

37.Go down to the Cleft of Shadow and get the quest “Finding the Antidote”, then go out of Origimmar and do it and the quest “Securing the Lines” and “Lost But Not Forgotten”.

38.Turn these quests in and get the quest “Margoz”. Turn it in and get the quest “Skull Rock” and “Hidden Enemies”.

39.Go out of Orgrimmar and to the left and past the zepelin landing tower. Before you get to the water, you will see a cave entrance on your left and the game will tell you that you are in Skull Rock. In the cave, you will do “Skull Rock” and “Hidden Enemies”.

40.Once these quests are completed, turn in “Skull Rock” and get the quest “Neeru Fireblade”.

41.Then turn in “Hidden Enemies” and get the second part to it.

42.Find Neeru Fireblade in the Cleft of Shadows and turn in “Neeru Fireblade” along with “Burning Shadows” and get the quest “Ak’Zaloth”.

43.Continue to speak with Neeru Fireblade so you can turn in the second part of “Hidden Enemies”.

44.After you have done this part of “Hidden Enemies”, go back to Thrall’s fortress and turn it in. You can get the third part to this quest, but it is for the instance at Rage Fire Caverns. You can do this with a group or skip it, although it’s faster if you skip it.

45.Head out of Orgrimmar and turn in the quest “Need for a Cure”.

46.Then hearth to Razor Hill and go to the first aid trainer to build up your skill. Get any new spells/abilities while you are here also.

47.Head west into the Barrens

48.Turn in “Conscript of the Horde” and accept the quest “Crossroads Conscription”.

49.Turn in the quest “Ak’Zaloth”. You can take the quest “The Demon Seed” but it is faster to skip it.

50.Head to the Crossroads.

By this point, you should be level 10+, and you can skip to the main leveling path from here.

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