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Power Leveling Basics

You’ve heard about them. You’ve seen them. Heck, you might even know someone who has used them.

Power levelers.

Illegal, yes. Costly, yes. Yet, they seem to be able to level so fast that it almost seems like a computer is playing right? And you want to know how to do it too!

Well, the truth is that there are usually two to three Asian players who provide a power leveling service for an account, which is why they can level like they do. Most players don’t have the ability to play for days straight without stopping for sleep or food, but even with breaks, you can learn to power level just as well as they do.

There are a few tips that you should know before beginning your power leveling journey. If you will remember these tips and hints throughout your character’s trip to the top levels, then you won’t have a problem. Here they are:

You don’t have to do every single quest in the game. (In fact, there are some quests that are a waste of your time to complete when you are power leveling.)

Most quests in a certain area can be grouped together, so you can complete several quests at the same time. This is one of the major secrets of power leveling that most people don’t realize.

The easiest characters to level are hunters and warriors. This does not mean that you should only choose these classes. In fact, you should always choose the class that you truly want to play, but keep in mind that these two classes are the easiest to level and a Holy Priest is the hardest.

You don’t always have to do the group quests or instances to power level. In fact, these are some of the quests that are normally skipped when power levelers are working on your account.

Make sure that you have an alt that can get mail. So, create one, and head to the nearest mailbox and park there. This way, you can send items that you can’t bank immediately to your alt for safe keeping. Make sure that you supply it with bags to hold all your items and money to send the mail back.

Wow, that was a short list right? Well, power leveling is quite easy, once you get the hang of it, and you can always sharpen your skills on new characters any time you’d like.

This guide will take you from start to finish with any of the Horde races, even the Blood Elves. I list where to go, which quests to take, which quests to skip, the best order to do them, and extra little tips and tricks that I use to level my toons. When you are reading through or following this guide, remember that you can use any of the classes in any race to level with this guide. Yes, this guide is written for hunters and warriors, because they are the easiest to level. So, there are a few quests and things listed in here that are hunter/warrior specific. With any class there will be class specific quests that you will do to gain minions, talents, skills, abilities, class specific armor, and so on, so just insert your class specific quests where they fit into the guide and off you go!

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