Nagrand & Netherstorm - Grinding for Gold in WoW

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By far, one of the best places to farm is on Eonar. The Elemental Plateau here can only be reached by flying mount, and is to the north and way up above the Throne of Elementals in Nagrand. You’ll find all the elementals here: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. They have a great spawn rate, so you don’t have to wait long to continue grinding, and they drop some awesome loot, especially motes. The only problem is that most level 70 players know about this spot already and hang out there most of the time. So, you might have to pick the right time of day, or night, to farm here. The beauty is that while the mobs here are pretty closely packed, you can pull them one by one, so you aren’t overwhelmed. And, if you do get killed, there is a graveyard up there, so you won’t have to run or resurrect far off. There is also a great area to fish here. Yes, fish. If your fishing skill is above 300, (with the special rod we talked about earlier in the Fishing section), you can actually fish for Pure Water here in six different areas. You can actually get these really fast, so you’ll be able to head to the AH quickly and sell them just as fast.


In Netherstorm, you’ll find the Netherstorm Demons which range from level 68-70. The easiest ones to kill are the Cyber Forgelords and the Ironspine Forgelords, the ones that carry Fel Cannons can be harder, so be careful with them. But, here is where the money maker is – these guys all consistently drop Fel Armaments and Marks of Sargeras. The Fel Armaments sell on most servers for 30+g and the Marks go for 1-2g each. These mobs drop about 15-20 Marks and 4-5 Armaments per hour, so this can earn you around 140g per hour. Pretty decent for a couple of hours of play time! They also drop other great items, such as Netherweave, silver, and some other great loot. You’ll also find some rare herbs here that can earn you 2-10g each. So, pretty great area to farm.

While you’re in Netherstorm, you can always head over to the “island”, if you have a flying mount. Here you’ll find level 70 demons and one monstrous elite. The elite stays in the middle, so you can avoid him at all costs, unless with a powerful group. There are a ton of great herbs that spawn here, like Mana Thistle and Dreaming Glory, so you can make a lot of gold off of them. But, the mobs here drop some great green items, Marks of Sargeras, and Fel Armaments that will go for a pretty penny on the AH.

Southeast of Netherstorm is a small town called Wizard’s Row. Here are two different mobs that drop some great loot all the time, mainly they drop mana and motes which you can combine to create Primal Mana which sell like hotcakes on AH. While there isn’t much of a difference in grinding and you can get a bit bored, the drops are constant and it won’t take you long to get a huge stack.

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