Where to Grind in Azeroth for Gold

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Stranglethorn Vale

In the Stranglethorn Vale, you’ll find a lake full of Goblin Meterologists that range in the low 30’s. These drop money, and some good vendor items, but what you really are looking for is the broken Electrolanters, which sell very well on the AH. These Electrolanters are about a 1 in 10 drop, so it doesn’t take much to get a stack going. Plus, they do respawn fast. These mobs are casters, so you’ll need to keep that in mind, especially if you’re solo.

Booty Bay

Down by Booty Bay are the Elder Mistvale Gorrilas. While they aren’t hard to kill, they do drop their whispers, which you can sell in stacks of 10 to vendors for over 60s each. Along with their leather and other vendor drops, they skin well for heavy and thick leather, which brings you good cash on the AH.

Head a little further south, and you’ll find the Crystalvein Mine where there is a big mob of Ironjaw Basiliks, that range from level 43-44, that are great to farm for the broken Electrolanterns, as they drop them at a faster rate than the other mobs. But, they do agro easy and add a lot as your grinding, so you should be higher than 50 to solo these. These guys also drop a lot of other great loot, such as greens and money. And, occasionally, you’ll get a blue or a purple or even an epic off of them.

Further north, near Westfall, you’ll find a small outpost where there are some very low level mobs – the Defias Trappers who are level 12-13. If you are an enchanter, tailor, or just want to make some money on the AH, this is a great place to get linen cloth. These mobs drop it at a high rate, so a high level player can easily fill their bags and sell it on the AH for a profit.

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