World of Warcraft - Grinding for Gold in Southern Kalimdor

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Thousand Needles

Around Thousand Needles is a cave loaded with Harpies on the southern wall, about halfway from Freewind Post and the end of the Needles. Screeching Canyon is a great place to farm for gold and other great items, such as Vibrant Plumes. High up on the canyon wall, you’ll find the cave entrance that’s guarded by these harpies. (It is on your map, but it’s high on the wall, so when you are under it, look up.) These mobs range from level 26-30, and are pretty easy to blow through if you are above 50. Some do have spell powers, and they agro easily, so be sure to pull them out one at a time if you’re solo and below level 50. The good thing is, they respawn fast, so you can pick up a ton of vibrant plumes here. These plumes sell well on the AH, as they are used for a quest at the Darkmoon Faire, and you can generally get about 20s each. You should break them into stacks of 10, as they sell best that way. You will also get a ton of Light Feathers here, which are used as reagents by Mages for Slow Fall and you can sell these on AH in a stack of 20 for 2g.


In Tanaris, you’ll find the Wastewander Bandits. These mobs range in the lower 40’s and you’ll get a lot of Mageweave cloth here as well as Scorpid patterns. The Mageweave sells great on any server, but the Scorpid patterns don’t always, so you can try the AH or sell to vendors. You can find these mobs all along the west wall, starting from Gadgetzan through Steamwheedle.

Keep heading west through these mobs and you’ll come to a cave where there is a group of Pirates. These mobs have the same levels as the Wastewander Bandits, level 43-45, and drop pretty much the same loot. They do drop a lot of silver, so you can grind and make a bit of money here.

Un’Goro Crater

The Un’Goro Crater is a skinner’s dream. Almost every mob here is skinnable, so no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you’ll always find mobs to skin, gaining you a ton of leather. The Devilsaurs dwell here, and although they are elites (level 52-55), you can skin them for Devilsaur leather which will sell for up to 50g per stack of 20. These mobs patrol around several paths in Un’Goro, and you can pretty much just walk around in circles as they spawn really fast. There are several types of this mob that roam these paths, and most are very easy for a level 60+ to farm. The only one that should not be soloed is the Tyrant Devilsaurs, as they have a terrible fear spell.

Also in the UGC, you’ll find the Tar Elementals. These mobs range from level 50-54 and are the only mob here that drops cash. While the cash that they drop isn’t much, they do drop some great loot along with it, such as Living Essence which sells for 5-10g each. These elementals also drop a lot of great selling herbs such as Blindweed. Couple the great drops with the good drops of green items and the good selling gray vendor items, you also have a fairly good chance of getting a blue or purple item or even an epic. A couple of players have reported getting a Lei of Lilies, which sells for around 175-200g each on the AH. For herbalists, in this area area some great selling herbs that will even respawn while you’re out grinding, so you can double your money here.

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