WoW Gold Grinding: Northern Kalimdor

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In Azshara, in the Highbornes, you will find a place called Shadowsong Shire. It is located on the left as you head down the road from Ashenvale to Azshara. Here, you’ll find some Highborne Ghosts that range from level 44 – 47. These mobs drop mageweave constantly, so you can get a ton to sell on the AH. They will also drop lots of green items and even chests now and then. Highborne Ghosts are pretty weak overall, but they are casters, so be careful when you get in range of them.

Lake of Kel’Theril

At the Lake of Kel’Theril, you will find several different ghost mobs, such as Anguished, Highborne, and Suffering, and so on. These mobs range from 53-55 and are pretty weak, therefore, easy to slay. They constantly drop green items and money, usually only 2-10 silver. Every now and again, you will get a blue drop, but very rarely.

Around the Lake of Kel’Theril, you will also find a weekly mob of water elementals that completely takes over. This invasion continues until someone slays their boss, Princess Tempestria. While the elementals are not that bad to kill, the boss is hard. You can do it alone, but it isn’t recommended. The elementals drop Essence of Water, which sell well on AH, and the boss will drop some awesome blue items.

Head southeast from the lake and you’ll find a cave. This is where the Cobalt Dragons live. These mobs are level 56-58 elites, so it isn’t wise to try this one alone, unless your level 65+. Here, you have a very slim chance of getting the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew on a drop. The main reason that you want to watch for this is that hunters will need it for their epic quest, to gain their Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, or epic quiver. You can sell this single item on the AH for over 120 gold. But, while you’re there slaying dragons, the Cobalt Mageweavers will drop a recipe for Greater Arcane Protection Potion, which sells for a lot of gold as guilds need this for AQ. All of the elites here drop great green items, as well as blues pretty regularly.


Throughout Felwood, you will find the Angerclaw Mauler bears, especially by Bloodvenom Post (Horde Territory). These are all in the 37-40 range and are great for grinding, especially if you are a skinner. Between the leather that you can get off of these bears and the gray loot that they drop, you can easily earn a lot of gold in a short amount of time - from 2-10 gold an hour.

In the northern part of Felwood is Jadefire Run. This is a great area to gain tons of Runecloth and even get some Felcloth drops. Both of these items sell like hotcakes on AH, and you won’t ever have to worry about finding someone to buy them. In Jadefire, you will find mobs of Satyrs, which range from level 52-54. These are the mobs that drop the cloth and money as well. But, if there are already several players here, you might wait a bit for respawn and hit it later.


In Winterspring, you will find Ice Thistle Yetis, which range around level 40. These mobs span a huge area around Everlook to the North and East. Ice Thistle Yetis constantly drop green items and vendor items, occasionally, you’ll get a nice blue or epic item. For those who are skinners, this is paradise. You can skin these mobs all day long for rugged and thick leather to sell on AH. And, with other players doing quests and grinding here, you will get a ton of leather off of them.

While you’re up around Everlook, you can head south and hit the Frostmaul Giants in Frostwhisper Gorge. Another group of elites, these mobs range from 59-60 and have a great drop rate for both green and blue items. They also have a high drop rate for the Greater Frost Protection Potion recipe, which sells nicely on AH for around 50 gold. But, these are mobs that are more suited for a Warlock or Hunter with a minion or pet, as they are not easy to solo.

You can keep heading south from Everlook, to the very bottom of the map for Winterspring and find Darkwhisper Gorge. Darkwhisper Gorge is home to the Hederine Slayer and Hederine Initiates, which are level 60 elites. These require a group, and are not to be soloed. Here is the reason that you’ll want to group these: they have a high drop rate for the Eye of Shadow, which sells on AH for over 200 gold; not to mention all the drops of Felcloth, Runecloth, and tons of green items.

There is an area in Winterspring near the lake where the Cobalt Dragons spawn. While these are elites, level 50-56, you can make a ton of money here. What you are looking for it the Mature Blue Dragon Sinews. These only drop like one every 1000 dragons slain, but they are an epic drop. These sell on the AH for 400+ gold EACH. And, while killing these, you will get a ton of great drops, like greens, blue/purples, and vendor items as well. So, killing that many dragons isn’t too much of a waste.

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