How To Grind For Money in WoW

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Grinding For Money – Where to Go On Each Continent

Grinding for money is usually a good way to find great drops and lots of cash – if you know where to look. And, while there are some great areas all over each continent in WoW, when it comes to grinding, there are a few rules that you should always stick to:

If the monsters die easily, it’s worth grinding them.

If the drop good loot constantly, it’s worth grinding them.

If they drop items that stack well and sell to vendors well (such as whiskers, feathers, etc.), they’re worth grinding.

If the monsters drop cash, it’s worth grinding them

Now, not all monsters are worth your time grinding. For example, if they drop great stuff, or cash, but they are really hard to kill and you are spending time after each one healing, then move on – they aren’t worth the time.

Also, you should always consider the rewards and the risks when grinding a big mob. For example, if you’re grinding a camp and the drops just aren’t worth the risks of damage and dying all the time, then head out. It just not worth it.

Any type of humanoid mob is usually worth taking the time to grind. They usually drop money, cloth, and some good loot that you can sell. Usually for the higher level mobs, you should team up with a healer. This way, you can grind and they can heal and you can both get the XP and share the loot. While you might not make quite as much until you are killing hundreds of monsters an hour, it is worth it.

Some players will tell you that you should always go for the kill of mobs that are higher level than you. This is only true some of the time. The vast majority of the time, there are mobs that are several levels lower than you that drop cash or good loot, that you can blow through quickly and get the cash for the loot even faster through the AH. You don’t always have to kill as high a level mob as you can, killing fast is the key.

So, when you are ready to head out for a good grinding session, here are some of the best places, broken down by continent, for you to try your hand at!

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