Your Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Priests, Warriors, Warlocks, Druids, and Shamans

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The Priest

The key strength of a priest is its ability to heal and more importantly heal others. When you first begin your priest character grinding for gold is easy as long as you don’t over extend yourself. Whenever you can, team up with another character. Even in a pair a priest can work really well. At lower levels partnering can help you get through the simple quests quickly.

A priest really comes into it own in instances. No matter what instance a healer is essential to the group. A really good healer can be the difference between failure and success in an instance. As you progress through the game instances can be a great money earner. There are many different types on instance and players will prefer different instances. Find an instance you like that you know that you will get good gold and loot from and become an expert at it. Try to pick instances that you can run through quickly. Instances that you can run through in less than one hour and get good loot from are the best. Don’t over do it though. As you gain more level, work on new and higher paying instances.

As soon as you can enter the Outlands, head there. The drops in the Outland are much more lucrative whether in instances or in general play. General items that drop will be worth gathering as you play through the Outlands and through the instances. Motes are the best way to earn quick money in the Outlands. Motes of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Life are dropped by different creatures of the Outlands. 10 motes can be combined to form a Primal. Primal of the different elements are important ingredients for many grand master recipes and will sell very well in the auction house. Many websites are available to tell you which creatures will drop the most motes. is a good example. As well as the many instances and raids in the Outlands grinding for motes will be your next best way to earn gold in Warcraft.

The Warrior

When you first start your warrior character in World of Warcraft, its key strength is grinding. In your first 20 levels, your main source of income will be the warrior’s ability to take hits. First aid is essential to the warrior’s solo progress at early levels. Work through your First aid skill as much as you can. Find a good place for Linen cloth to be dropped and grind until you are sick of it. Not only is the Linen cloth useful for your First Aid skill, but any that you don’t use will sell well, and give you a good starting income for your low level character. Try to team up with a healing class as much as you can. When questing at lower levels a warrior and any healer can work through quests very quickly earning you plenty of items and gold.

Once you pass level 20, your warrior will really come into its own. Tanking is the best way a warrior can earn money in World of Warcraft. A person who can tank in an instance well is the focal point of the group. A warrior that can tank well will always find a group that is going through any instance. Find instances that you enjoy going through and that you know you come out with decent money, become an expert at those instances. Tanking through instances with a group is the main way a warrior makes money in World of Warcraft.

At level 60 you are ready to travel to the Outland. Though there are plenty of instances that you can join and tank in the Outland, primals are where a warrior can make good money in the Outland. Primals are made by gathering motes of the different elements. You collect 10 motes and they form a primal of that element. When you are in the low 60’s in Hellfire Peninsula, Mote of Shadow is the best that you can gather and not worth much compared to the others. Work through the instances there, Ramparts and Blood Furnace are good sources of income for a warrior when they first arrive in the Outland. Once you are around level 62+ you can move onto grinding for motes. Earth, Air, Fire and Water are what you are looking for. They are worth relatively the same money in the Auction House the key is to find the one that you can get easily. Grind as much as you can for motes, as these will bring you some good gold on the AH. Research which creatures drop motes the most regularly and get as many as you can as often as you can. (There are several websites that will tell you the best percentage of motes dropped, is a good example.)

The Warlock

Warlocks have the great ability to gain a minon from their very beginnings. You start with an imp, get a voidwalker at level 10, get a succubus at level 20, a fel hunter at level 30, and a new minon at ten-level increments after. These minions all carry special abilities and powers, and make great tanks when you are fighting. Warlocks themselves are a physically weak class, but have long range spells to attack with. So, with your minon’s tanking abilities, and your long range spells, most groups will be happy to add you.

In the same aspect as a warrior, you can become very good at instances and run them all the time. There is always a group looking for people, and they will always be happy to have a warlock with a minion. This way, you can get some great cash and loot.

Warlocks also have the ability to summon a group member from anywhere. This is a very valuable money making skill. You will see people ask for someone to summon someone for them constantly. This is a great opportunity, as most offer to tip right off. If they don’t, politely ask for a tip, and be sure to add a smile : ) at the end of it. Players will usually offer you from 20 silver to 5 gold to summon another group member, so you should always offer if you see someone asking.

The Druid

Earning money with a druid in World of Warcraft can be a very easy process if you use the abilities of your druid effectively. The druid combines the ability of a good fighter with a spell caster and a healer, the key though is to use these abilities together effectively to earn you gold.

When you start out grinding is the real key to earning money with a druid. Most druid players will take Skinning/Leatherworking as a druid, which can enhance the druids ability to earn plenty of gold. At low levels the ability for the druid to fight well and heal themselves is a great bonus. As long as you don’t try and over do grinding through the lower levels is a quick and easy way to earn gold.

The druids’ versatility makes it easy for a druid to team up with other characters. In fact a druid matched with any other class in the game, including another druid, can be beneficial when progressing through the game. Whether working through quests or just grinding teaming up with another player can make for some good gold earned.

The combination of healing and combat abilities in the druid makes a druid the perfect addition to an instance group. A druid can earn plenty of money as part of a group running through an instance. There a many different instances available and the key to earning money through an instance is not only gathering gold but also items. Though it is normally completely random how gets the good items in the group, working through as many instances as you can gives you the best chance of the most items looted.

Once you reach the Outland the same rules apply, team up with others for the best grinding and questing money earned. There are plenty of different ways to earn money in the Outland. Just questing can be a good earner. Collecting motes to make primals is also a great way to earn big gold.

The Shaman

A shaman can be a great money earner in World of Warcraft. The shaman fights a bit tougher than the other straight spell casters and its ability to use totems is a great bonus.

Using your abilities well is the first key to earning money. When grinding or questing at low levels the ability for the shaman to self heal makes the job easier from the outset. Whether grinding or questing, the best way to work is not to overdo it. Though you can heal yourself, over reaching your grasp can become frustrating when you are continuously getting killed. Find an area that you can grind in efficiently, getting the most amount of gold or sellable items is the best way to work.

Teaming up with other characters is an effective way to use the shaman’s abilities is with other characters. The shaman’s greatest strength is as a support player to a tank or casting character. Forming a good partnership with another character at the same level means that you can grind through the same areas together and work through the same quests quickly and efficiently.

Working in a group through instances is another way for a shaman to earn money well. As a support player the shaman can use its healing and resurrecting abilities to benefit the whole group. Instances are a great way to earn money and there are dozens to choose from as you progress through your levels.

As you venture into the Outlands the money that you can get from grinding, questing and instances increases dramatically. Keep to the same tactics, team up for grinding and instances. Just working through quests is a great money earner when you are in the Outland regions. The loot and gold available from instances in the Outland is also worth going for. Finding instances that you enjoy working through and running through them as often as possible can get you large amounts of gold.

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