Your Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Hunter, Mage, Rogue, & Paladin

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The Hunter

The hunter has the great ability to tank. A hunter’s physical strength, coupled with their long range weapons and their pet, makes them a great character for those who want to level quickly. The hunter is the easiest character to level at a high rate of speed, therefore you can make a lot of gold quickly.

As a hunter, you can always find a group to run an instance with. Due to the hunter’s ability to tank as well their pet’s ability to aggro, a hunter can become very good at an instance and run it with different groups to pick up great loot and lots of gold. This is best done in a group with a healer though, as most often a hunter is used as a tank.

Once you hit the high 50’s – 60, you can head to the Outlands, where there are many great areas to grind for gold and loot that can easily sell on AH. For a hunter, one of the best professions is a skinner, as you are constantly killing animals in your quests. So, by skinning them, you will level your skills quickly and easily, then sell your loot on AH or use it for something else.

The Mage

As a Mage, you will find that you can make money each time you are on by performing some of the tasks that only a mage can do. The higher level you are, the more money you will make using powers that you have learned.

One you learn to port, you can make a lot of cash by porting someone. Throughout your time online, keep watch for people asking for a port. While it does require a bit of time out of your questing, you can easily make 50 silver and up. The key is to nicely ask for a tip when they ask for a port. Remember to use a : ) when you do, so they won’t think you’re just being greedy… even if you are!

Mages can also conjure water for other players and themselves. While this item goes away when you log off, it can also be a great way to make some money. While running around, players will ask for conjured water, and you need to nicely reply “Can you tip?”. Normally, they’re reply “Sure!”. If not or if they ask how much, gently tell them how much you consider a fair amount for the amount of water that they need.

The Rogue

One of the rogues best gold making abilities is opening lockboxes. Once you level to ten and you learn to open locks, you should stay on top of this skill all the time, leveling it as high as you can. There are always other players asking for someone to open a lockbox and they will always offer a tip. While the lower level boxes won’t bring you tons of gold, once you reach a higher level with this skill, you will start to get bigger and bigger tips.

Another great ability of the rogue is stealth and pickpocket. While in stealth mode, you can pick any humanoid’s pocket, but you must be careful as this can agro some of them quite easily. Stealth will also constantly get you picked up by a group, as it’s great to have a rogue who can scout ahead for mobs and bosses. And, although it’s a bit rude, you can always steal some of the money or loot before anyone else knows!

The Paladin

The paladin has the great ability to both tank and to heal. With healing and resurrection powers, combined with great hit points and strengths, a paladin is a great asset to any group. These abilities will gain you access to any group that is ready to head into an instance, and a share of the gold and the loot within. Just like a priest, a paladin can mean success or failure in an instance, especially if there are no other healers. When a group member dies, you can resurrect and when others are low on health, you can heal them. Most groups will fight to have you on their side!

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