Your Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Class Specific Gold Makers

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Race/Class Specific Money Makers

Most people begin the game with one character. They keep leveling that one character without realizing the perks to having multiple characters of all different races and classes. It’s also a great idea to have a toon that is created simply for a banker toon. This is the toon that you will send all your loot to, and they will be the ones posting it on the auction house. You’ll station this toon near a mail box in your faction’s major cities and run it back and forth from the auction house to the mail box.

While there are a great many different race specific quests throughout World of Warcraft, they are too numerous to list as they would take a long time to explain and go through each different one, and they are not your main way of making gold in the World of Warcraft. During your play, you will find quests from trainers to gain pets and minions, abilities, spells, and special armor. These quests will test the boundaries of your current level, and you’ll find that you will gain a lot of XP for these quests, as well as some gold and great loot that only you will be able to use.

There are also quests throughout the game that are given by other characters that are race specific that will lead you through new areas and give you the chance to gather some great loot to sell and some great cash along the way. Each different race has a ton of race-specific quests, good luck on yours!

In each different race, you must choose from the available classes. While some are open to all of the races, most aren’t. You should always choose wisely when choosing a class, or create an alt for those class-specific items and quests that your main can’t do.

You will also find that some classes have special powers that other players will pay to utilize, such as ports and summoning. When another player asks you to port them somewhere or summon someone for them, don’t just assume that they will pay you! Now, the trick is to be polite when you ask so you don’t just scare them off. When someone whispers you and asks for a port or summon or something else, simply reply: “Sure, can you tip? :)” Make sure to include the smile, so they know that you aren’t just money-hungry, even if you are! Normally, most players will reply “NP” (no problem) or let you know exactly how much they’ll tip. This is a great way to earn some money here and there, especially since most players will pay well for a port or summon.

In the next section of this guide, we’ll go through the Hunter, the Mage, the Rogue, and the Paladin class and how you can use your specific traits and abilities to make gold.

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