Your Ultimate FREE WoW Gold Making Guide: Introduction

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Overview of This Guide

From the shores of the Stranglethorn to the scorched hills of the Blasted Lands, the forests of Tirisfal Glades to the snow-covered regions of Winterspring, the World of Warcraft can appeal to everyone. But, from the very beginning of your play, you learn swiftly that you don’t get anywhere without gold. It doesn’t matter which side you are on, Alliance or Horde, and no matter which race and class you play, you know that you just don’t get anywhere in WoW without it.

Gold is your life blood!

Without gold, you can’t get the mats needed for your professions, you can’t get your mount, you can’t get the best equipment or armor. So, you quest and you grind and you loot and you sell, but you just aren’t raking in the gold like you thought.

Yet, you see other players who seem to have the best of everything, armor, weapons, enchantments, pets, mounts…. and you want them too.

Well, my friend, I too know the pain of having a “broke” character in the World of Warcraft. And, after much trial and error, I have found some of the best kept secrets of making gold, and I mean tons of gold, with any character you have. You don’t have to buy gold to be the richest player, you can easily earn it in no time at all.

I have complied some of the very best secrets, tips, cheats, and information here to help you be one of the richest players on your realm. (And, for those “noobs”, I have even complied a glossary at the end to help you catch up on the WoW terminology so you don’t sound like a “noob”!)

So, read on my friends and say “Goodbye!” to those broke character days!

In this completely FREE Ultimate WoW gold making guide, I’m going to show you everything you could possibly want to know about making gold in game. You don’t have to buy gold from those Asian sweat factories and risk your account getting banned, instead, you can simply follow the tips and secrets in this series and you will swiftly find that you will have all the gold you need for your toons in game, and you too will be the envy of everyone on your server.

In the first section of this free wow gold making guide, we’ll go through the race-specific ways that you can use your special abilities and powers to make gold.

This post is part of the series: Ultimate WoW Gold Guide: Character Specific Money Makers

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