Best Dual-Boxing Combinations to Use With The World of Warcraft Recruit a Friend Program

Best Dual-Boxing Combinations to Use With The World of Warcraft Recruit a Friend Program
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Players looking to speed up their leveling experience by taking advantage of World of Warcraft’s “Recruit a Friend” program and playing two characters on the same machine face some unique challenges.

It can be hard enough to choose a single class to commit to, but when you use this method you not only have to choose two characters you can live with, but also find two classes that work together well enough to not hinder your leveling experience.

Having done this a few times, we here at Bright Hub have a few ideas about ideal class combinations for dual boxing.

The Lead Character

Dual boxing has more in common with soloing than it does leveling up with a partner. Think about it, you’re still pretty much killing mobs with a single character, with the added advantage of a few more buffs and maybe a beneficial spell or two during the fight, but for the most part you’re on your own.

So, your lead character, the one you plan on controlling directly the majority of the time, should be a character that can handle most situations on their own. A soloing machine like a Warlock or Hunter would be an excellent choice.

Still, you can’t completely discount the advantage of having that second character present. Other good lead characters include those who can kill mobs quickly, but typically have to deal with downtime afterward as they regenerate health. A rogue is a soloing machine, but when playing alone you’ll have to use potions or first aid to regenerate health between fights. When dual boxing with a priest, though, you can just keep on rolling.

The Follower

WoW Warlock

Your second character will pretty much live on auto follow. You’ll be able to pop over between fights and maybe fire off a spell or two during if you’re using a program like AutoHotKey, but that’s about it. They will not be able to deal massive amounts of damage or keep you healed up as well as a second player would be able to.

To maximize the effectiveness of the second player, you should concentrate on reducing downtime. I almost always go with a healer in that second slot because they can not only heal the lead a few times during a tough fight if need be, I can also pop over between fights and heal myself back up. A secondary character with good buffs can make the leveling process a lot easier, as well.

Ideal Class Combinations

Considering the roles we want each of our characters to be able to fill, there are a few combinations that shine when playing both at

WOW hunter

the same time.

Warlock/Druid or Priest is one of my favorite combinations. Warlocks are soloing machines, and can convert their health to mana when they run low. When you combine this ability with a pocket healer who will keep your health full constantly, you have yourself a solo machine with unlimited mana reserves. You’ll level up faster than you thought possible when you never have to stop killing.

Rogue/Druid is another great combination. Your rogue will take out enemies quickly, the Druid will refill his health between fights, and both characters can utilize stealth to get to objectives quickly or sneak past unnecessary mobs.

Hunters can solo as effectively as any other class, and the addition of a pet into the mix means they make a good choice even you are just trying to powerlevel your secondary character without gaining much advantage. A healer can still make a difference, though, so if you’re thinking of leveling a Paladin or Shaman, a hunter can make a fantastic lead for them. Druid or Priest are pretty much always great secondaries, as well.

These combinations are pretty much the fastest ways to level up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do well with a Warrior or Paladin as a lead character. Leading with a Mage is tougher because of mana regeneration issues, but you could team up two mages and switch back and forth when mana gets low, you’d just be without the advantage of healing.

Dual boxing is the fastest way to get that alt you’ve considering up to level 60. With these combinations, you’ll get there even faster.

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