How To Play A Paladin In World of Warcraft – Paladin Class Mini Guide Pt 4

It all depends on your spec…

Now that you know the different perks to playing a Pally, the different specs that you can choose from, and the weapons and armor that you will have access to, the last part of this guide will deal with the end game experiences that Pallys will face. We’ll look at each different spec for the Paladin to see what you can expect from the end game experience as it will differ depending on which way you chose to go with your talent tree.

Holy Paladins – You will find that you never, ever have a problem finding a raid or group for end game instances or raids. Healers are always in demand, especially Paladin healers as they can take the damage that most of the end game instances will deal out plus Holy Pallys have a massive amount of mana so they can heal and heal and heal. Holy Pally’s are especially in demand as Healers in groups because of the buffs that they can give the group as well. But, you have to know your role and play that role as a Healer well. Those that don’t play their Healing role will find themselves getting kicked out of groups and not being as sought after as other Holy Pallys in the game. You need to know exactly what type of Heal to use, such as a longer or short casting time, and you need to know when to use specific types of specialty spells that Holy Pallys have, such as Blessing of Protection and Cleanse.

Protection Paladins – Since most Pally players that are Protection spec’ed aren’t really that familiar with tanking in larger groups, and most World of Warcraft players aren’t familiar with the Paladin tanks, they are usually overlooked for groups or they are considered second rate tanks. But, in truth, a good Protection Paladin can do so much to help the group by drawing aggro, avoiding damage, and blocking damage as well. Of course, your skill as a Protection Pally tank will help you a ton here, and you will find that the skills you possess along with the other spells and blessings will make you a very sought after tank. You want to make sure that you are skilled in drawing aggro from multiple targets and keeping that aggro so that the others in the group can help pick them off.

Retribution Paladins – Most people think that the Retribution Pally has the hardest time of all in the end game experiences, but this isn’t always true. If you know how to play your Retribution Pally and you are good at it, you will find that this spec can be really rewarding. Now, a lot of gear is in no way, shape, or form tailored to this spec, so you have to decide which stat buffs are the most important to you in your gaming style as you are looking for armor and weapons. This spec is usually called an “off-spec” or one that is not what most people think is ideal – but personally, again, this is my favorite. You will have a tough time in this spec, but it can be done. Just keep at it.

Well, I hope that this has helped you create a Pally that you are completely happy with and one that will wipe through most areas of the game.

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