World of Warcraft Paladin Class Mini Guide – How To Choose The Right Weapons & Equipment for Paladins In World Of Warcraft – Mini Guide To Paladins Pt 3

Equipment is key for a Pally…

When it comes to equipping your Paladin so that you can be a kick butt Pally, there are so many different options that your head will spin. Paladins start off from the very beginning being able to wear the highest available armor class, which is mail. Then, once a Pally hits level 40, they can move up and wear even higher levels of mail armor, which is plate. Most Pallys take up Mining and Blacksmithing as their two professions because of this, since it will save them on the amount of gold that they will spend on rare and epic items later on in the game. And, most of the Blacksmithing patterns that they can purchase for the rare and epic items are bind on pickup, so they cannot get that particular armor anywhere else in the game.

Now, when it comes to weapons in the game, a Pally can use everything but ranged weapons and they cannot dual wield. This is ok though, as they can use shields, one and two handed axes, swords, polearms, or maces. Depending on which spec you decide to go with, you will probably choose a weapon specialty that goes along with that particular spec to help you. Here are some examples of the types of different armor and weapons that different specs of Pallys will choose to get them through the game:

A Holy Pally will usually pick up gear that will give them a boost in Healing, Spell Critical Strikes, and Intellect. They will also want to use weapons that help them defend themselves while they are Healing as well, such as a Shield and a sword (as they are usually faster than the other choices). Holy Pallys want to make sure that they choose high level armor that offers them boosts to their skills and fast weapons that will allow them to off an enemy quick and heal as soon as they can.

A Protection Pally will usually pick up gear that will give them a boost in defense, armor, blocking, and stamina, but there are tons more stats that will help them too. They will also want weapons that can do massive amounts of damage as they are sometimes assigned as a tank. I have seen Protection Pallys that use shields and those that don’t, personally I don’t, most go for the massive two-handed axes and maces that allow them to really whack an enemy.

A Retribution Pally will usually pick up gear that will give them a boost in strength, critical strike rating, and spell damage. Of course, any gear that will allow the Retribution Pally to up their damage stats is a great thing as well. For these Pallys, usually the weapons that are chosen are the ones that are the fastest as well. Most people will recommend that a Retribution Pally use a shield as well as an axe or mace to do the damage, but personally, just like with a Protection Pally, I go for the damage as the quicker you can take down a foe, the less damage you take.

In the next part of this mini class guide, we will talk about what the Paladin’s role is in end game instances and what they can expect for end game experiences.

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