Paladin Character Class in World of Warcraft – Paladin Class Mini Guide Pt 2

What talent spec should you pick?

Just like any other class in the game, the Paladin has three different talent trees that they can choose from: Holy, Protection, and Retribution. For those that aren’t familiar with the Paladin, or who want to learn a bit more about what each one of these different talent trees can do for your Pally, here is what you need to know!

Holy Spec – This is for the Paladin that loves to heal. This talent tree focuses mainly on healing and mana, and these spec’ed Pallys are some of the most sought after in the game for everything. Here is why: not only can they regenerate their mana quickly, they wear the heaviest of armor, which makes them less vulnerable to damage from mobs if they get past the tanks and such and actually get to the Pally as they are filling the Healer role. Plus, they have several other great talents as well when a Pally spec’s Holy, such as a shorter cooldown on the lifesaving talents, which are Blessing of Protection and Divine Shield. Holy Paladins can also resurrect dead players (as can any spec of Pally) but the mana that it takes to do this is not near as draining. Most Holy Paladins are turned into the main Healers in raids and groups for their abilities.

Protection Spec – This is for the Pally that loves to tank and live through the hardest of battles. This talent tree focuses mainly on tanking and survivability. Even though the armor and hit points on a Protection Pally aren’t as high as the Feral Bear Druid, they do have the best threat generation in all of the classes that can tank, which makes this class of Pally a great tank. These Pally’s are generally assigned the off-tank position on boss raids and instances as they can up the threat that they generate to help keep the aggro off other players in the group. Also, in a 5v5 arena team setting, the Protection Pally is usually used to help pull the fire off of the Healer in the group since they can take a ton more damage than any Healer in the game can.

Retribution Spec – This is for the Pally that loves to just do outright damage to everything. This is probably the least played of the specs by far, but actually my favorite one to play. This talent tree focuses on enhancing the damage that the Pally does as well as the damage that anyone in their group does. The talents that Retribution Pallys gain build up their seals and judgements, which are great no matter where you are fighting in, and they can add in additional critical strike chances with weapons that the Pally uses and with their spells. To top it off, this spec also gives some additional Holy damage as well – without having to Holy spec. This class can be used as any position in a group or raid situation as well, and most groups will jump at the chance to have you on their team.

In the next part of this mini guide, we’ll talk more about some of the equipment and armor that the Pally can use and why it is important to make sure that you have the right stuff.

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