How to Play a Rogue In World of Warcraft - Learn Tips On How To Play The Rogue Character Class In World of Warcraft MMORPG

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One of the funnest classes to play…

In the World of Warcraft, the Rogue is probably the most underplayed class in the game, and I don’t mean that people don’t play it. What I mean is that people pick the Rogue class and don’t play it to it’s full potential. There are several great perks that come with playing the Rogue, but these perks can also be downfalls if you do not know how to use them correctly.. So, here is some information that will help you play a Rogue right so that you will be one of the most powerful on your server.

The first thing is a mistake that players make by using their Stealth skill when they do not have to. Since this is the one class that has it from almost the beginning, it is so easy to fall into the trap of using it all the time. When you fall into this trap, you will actually start to hurt your XP overall. Quests are designed in World of Warcraft to make you fight monsters and mobs so that you gain the experience points while you do the quest. So, say that you have a quest that has you find something, but it is in the middle of a big group of mobs. If you Stealth past them and use your skill to not grind, grab the item and get out – you just missed out on all of that experience. Now, this is not to say that Stealth is not useful. It can actually save your life when you are in a real mess, but if you do not use it right – you will find that it will cost you in the end and you will not be able to level as fast as other classes will. And, when you can not level as fast as others, then you will find that you will start to get bored with your Rogue and stop playing it.

The other main thing that makes a Rogue class worth playing is the fact that they can use Combat Swords to grind, level, and farm mats. This talent tree focuses on major damage dealing than other classes that require the Rogue to get their opponent in a stun or stealth to get close enough to their opponent to do enough damage. Both PvE and PvP can be really difficult and unpredictable, so there will be a lot of times throughout the game that you will aggro more mobs than you really meant to at the time, and those Rogues that are Combat Sword spec’ed will be able to get through these times without getting wiped like other classes will. By trying to get through the mobs that you have aggro’ed instead of trying to get the upper hand and stun or sneak an attack, you will actually survive the mob instead of dying.

But, there are some really important talents that you will need to get while you are spending your talent points to ensure that you have everything you need as you level up toward the 70 mark. These talents are: Improved Sinister Strike, Blade Fury, Malice, Remorseless Attacks, Sword Specialization, Improved Eviscerate, Murder, Aggression Cold Blood, Improved Gouge, Lethality, Deflection, Precision, Riposte, and Dual Wield Specialization. Each of these talents will up your damage output without forcing you to rely on any type of first strike, stealth, or being behind a mob.

These simple things will have you playing a better Rogue and will also help you to fall in love with that class instead of getting bored with it quickly. Good luck!

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