Tips on how to play the Warrior Class in World of Warcraft

What you should know…

When it comes to playing a Warrior class in World of Warcraft, many people think that they are simply a tank that can just blast through anything. While this is true on some occasions, there is more to playing this class than just being a tank. So, here is your mini-guide to playing a Warrior in the game so that you can truly be one of the best on your server.

Although the Warrior has no magic abilities, they do have a monstrous range of melee attacks and abilities that dwarf (no pun intended) the other melee classes. They have the abilities to simultaneously inflict tons of damage while being able to absorb damage dealt by mobs. Due to the fact that they have a wealth of abilities at their disposal, they have to work up rage for most to work instead of having mana at their disposal. It is for this reason that they make a great tanking class that can pull the mobs away from other players who cannot defend themselves quite as well as the Warrior.

Although a Warrior relies on their rage to make attacks work, their bar starts off empty. The more that they fight, take damage, and use special abilities in the game, the more the bar gains rage in order to do more complex abilities. Normally, Warriors will fill up their rage bar on squishy mobs in an instance or large fight before they head on to harder mobs so that they can start off with a full bar and use abilities and attacks that will do a lot of damage asap. Of course, they can also find rage potions that will help them gain the rage that they need right away so that they can run into a group of mobs and immediately do tons of damage.

After the Warrior is out of combat, the rage will slowly drain away, until it’s empty. You can control how quickly or slowly the rage goes depending on which talent tree you choose. There are also other items that will drain your rage right away as well, such as switching stances. As you level through 10 and 20, you will be able to use your talents so that you can keep some of the rage from decaying completely and master the stances so that they don’t immediately drain your bar as well.

One of the greatest things about playing the Warrior class is that they can use every type of weapon in the game except wands, librams, and relics. But, with all the other weapons at their disposal that will do a hundred times more damage than those three weapons, it is not a big loss. They can also use any type of armor in the game as well, but do the best with full mail armor that will help them up their ability to take on damage

When it comes to a Warrior’s role in a group, they actually will have two. They will normally be the main tank in the group, which means that they have to prevent the mobs from heading toward the other members of the group (especially the healer) to minimize the damage that the other group members take on. And, Warriors can also be a DPS if they use their talent points right and get the right gear to be able to do this. Being a great DPS Warrior will also help keep aggro away from the other members of your group as well and cause a good deal of damage while you’re at it.

While this is just a small look into the Warrior class, you can find out tons of more information about the Warrior class, the different stances, talent trees, and more by simply keeping an eye out for more articles in this area.

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